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Jessica Downey

Coffee addict. The serial single girl. Jessica will give you the what’s what on single life and dating in Chicago. recently put out lists on where to find all the hot single men and women in America. The information came from the U.S. Census and the 2009 Men's Fitness rankings of the top fit cities. According to the list, most of the fit and single men are in Salt Lake City, Utah while the fit and single women are in Boston, Massachusetts. Chicago seems to be in the middle with a decent blend of both fit single men and women.

Now, I have to say that I originally found this on AOL where I found the author to be a little annoying. I mean this is tragic really. If all the fit (and super attractive) people are on opposite sides of the country how in the world are they supposed to get together?

Here's the thing though. How in the world does being fit suddenly make you a hot eligible single? Even more then that, how does being fit make you automatically compatible with another person that's fit? I mean who knew that was the secret to eternal happiness really.

I don't think you can really go as far as to say that this is where all of the hot singles are. After all, I would like to think there is a little more to being hot then just being fit. There is right? Yes, I can value a guy who takes care of himself. And if a guy is the sort of person who works out seven days a week and has no body fat then kudos to him, really. To each his own is what I always say.

Clearly I understand that whole physical attraction thing and think it is definitely important. There are physical characteristics you like and some you don't. Likewise, there are people that you are attracted to and people that you aren't. However, a hot body is not the only attractive physical quality about a person. Simply having a hot body does not automatically equal attraction and I would say some people would still be likely to pass (at least on anything more then just a night).

As for relationship compatibility, I would really like to think that we are not that superficial. Now, I can understand that being fit is a lifestyle preference and obviously it's something that you want to have in common with your mate. I mean dating a couch potato when you are fit is like an environmentalist dating someone that drives a Hummer and throws trash all over the place. Yeah, definitely not compatible and there is no argument with that at all. On the other hand, can you definitely say that just because a person shares being fit with you (or any other lifestyle preference for that matter) that you are automatically compatible? I think not.




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