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Never trust a guy who never calls you over the weekend

Jessica Downey

Coffee addict. The serial single girl. Jessica will give you the what’s what on single life and dating in Chicago.

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It is my firm belief that if a guy only calls you on a Monday night that he's probably not worth your time. Now, I don't really mean Monday literally here, but more metaphorically. You know the guy that I am talking about. He calls you on Monday to see what you are doing and wants to do something that night, never making any sort of plans with you. Sometimes the calls continue through Tuesday or Wednesday but then they stop. Then all of a sudden he resurfaces as the next Monday rolls around.

At first it might seem tempting to think that this guy is interested in you. I mean he is calling you and trying to see you, right? However, it is highly likely that he is not interested in you at all. Even if we do attempt to entertain the idea that there is any kind of interest from him, it is not the kind of interest that you want.

Generally one of two things is happening here.

He has a girlfriend - or a wife, a fiancée, ex-girlfriend, etc. (you get the idea). Monday or Tuesday might be the night that she works late or that she goes out with he friends. She might even live in another city or state and the weekends are the only time they see each other. If she's his ex, they could be trying to work things out or they might have that "off and on" sort of relationship. Don't' waste your time trying to figure out what kind of woman situation he is in. Trust me it doesn't matter and it is more hassle then it is worth.

He's always looking for the next best thing. It might seem harsh, but he only sees you as a "B" kind of woman. Which means he will always be out looking for the "A" woman. If he doesn't meet her over the weekend chances are he needs you to stroke his ego a little by making him think he can at least get someone. This also applies if he thinks he finds the "A" woman and the date totally bombs, he still needs help with his ego. To him, a "B" woman is better than no woman at all. There is no point in wasting your time here either. Go find a guy that wants to be around you any day of the week.

Yes, it is true that maybe you just think he is just a "B" guy too. Which if that is the case and you are both honest about it, then more power to you. Though I still have to say that you could get involved in far more drama than you bargained for. So you still might want to think if the situation is really worth your time.

Also, let's be clear here. I am not talking about the guy who is legitimately busy on the weekend. Maybe he is out of town or is just plain busy. A guy is obviously allowed to have a life and he should have one. There is a distinct difference though between this guy and that guy that I talked about up there.

It's likely that Mr. Too Busy Just For This Weekend will tell you he has plans that weekend and will try to schedule a date for a different time. It is also very likely that he will still be in contact with you over the time that he is busy. He might send you a little text to let you know his plane landed and so on. This will also not be something that happens every single weekend. On the other hand, Mr. Just Not Interested will never call you on the weekends. He won't schedule dates with you or keep in contact with you throughout the week. It is a never changing pattern with him. See the difference here?



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Andy-Kid said:

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I like your train of thought here. However, it's been my experience that, generally speaking, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. While said guy who only calls on Monday might have a wife or be looking for a "B" girl, he might just be busy over the weekend or could just be thinking about you on a boring Monday night. I like where your head is at, but you might be putting too much thought into this one.

Jessica Downey said:


Thanks for the commment. I agree that usually the explanation is simple. Though I have to say I am still skepitcal of a guy who only ever calls on a certain night of the week and can only do anything that night. Especially when he repeatedly does it. Something is fishy there. Know what I mean?

Daniel Scogin said:


I think you are right on track here! If you are not "good enough" for a prime evenings like Friday or Saturday then why even bother, who the hell wants to go out on a Monday? If you like the girl enough,you make time for her! You DO NOT call her because you are bored on a Monday night (yeah that makes a girl feel special), "Had a great weekend, now it's Monday, I am bored and thought I would see if you wanna go out?" Way to go Casonova!!!!

Jessica Downey said:


Right on! Well said, definitely!

Erin Keane said:


I generally think you are on the right track here, save if a guy holds off on weekend dates for the first few weeks you are together. I know, at least for me, the weekend is my time to hang out with buds and cut loose. Once I want to introduce a guy to my friends, the weekend dates/contacts start rolling. It's not to say I'm looking for a plan B, just that he isn't my plan A yet.

Jessica Downey said:


Thanks Erin!!! I totally feel you on not being sure if a guy is a plan A yet. Sometimes it takes a little time to figure it out.

Dilly Girl said:


I'm pretty late on commenting but Jess i should say, what you have mentioned above is 100% correct. I've experienced it. Mr. Just Not Interested would never keep his word. Even if he promises to meet up during weekend, at the last moment he'll come up with some shit or sometimes the worst thing ever could happen is that he wouldn't even bother himself to inform you that he cannot make it. He calls during weekdays, when he's bored or when he needs to be distracted by something which really bothers him... Anyhow, now i know what he's up to and i really don't give a shit...

Jessica Downey said:


It is never too late to comment on any of my blogs! And thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am glad you agree and it sounds like you have experienced this as well, it's not fun. The funny thing is the guy in this post still calls me sometimes. I generally just ignore it. :)

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