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iphone Sleaze Detector App good for singles?

Jessica Downey

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I don't "i" anything. Translation? I do not have an iPhone or iPod. It's not that I have anything personal against these super high tech devices or anything. Really, it's more that I am a faithful Verizon customer and I believe there are plenty of other neat-o gadgets that will play my music that cost a whole lot less.



What I do know about the iPhone is that there are all kinds of cool apps that you can download which do all sorts of things from making reservations to finding directions. Well apparently they have taken this whole thing to the next level and have decided to give singles a little added help. Now, you can find out if your date is a big old creep without actually having to go out on a couple of dates with them or even asking them a single question.


With a little thing called Date Check you can do background checks on your date. Apparently with just a name or cell phone number the app will do criminal checks. You know for the really bad stuff like a DUI or assault (just to name a few). As an added bonus it checks social networks as well as professional networks. Be careful lying to your date or iPhone will call you out on it.


Now, I have to admit that when I first read this it made me laugh a little and I kind of wanted to say kudos iPhone, really thank you. Of course any woman who has been out with a skeezy guy who lies about everything would appreciate being able to find out the truth with just the click of a button. Then there is also that whole idea of personal safety. I mean clearly if your date is wanted in five different states, that's probably information you would want to know, right?


I am not really sure if this is helping dating to move forward or setting it all back. Whatever happened to giving your date the benefit of the doubt? Clearly I have a cynical side to me, I take a lot of things people say with a grain of salt. Though, I am thinking running a whole background check on a guy - including finding him on every social networking site out there - could be taking things a bit too far. Plus the fact that sometimes there is such a thing as knowing too much about a person before you really get to know them. You know, kind of like Googling before the first date. 


Needless to say, I don't think that even if I had an iPhone that I would really be using this app. I will instead stick to plain old fashioned conversation. And of course waiting it out through the first few dates to find out what a guy is really all about.


What about you? Would you use the Date Check app? 











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Mr Windycityxxx said:


DAMN...I guess my dates will now find out about my porn site and the hundreds of sex videos I have posted on the net....Oh wait, thats how I get all my dates lol.

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