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Breaking up is hard to do...Especially when you are at dinner

Jessica Downey

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I was doing some channel surfing when I caught a couple minutes of The New Adventures of Old Christine. One of the characters, Richard, had apparently started dating a girl who he felt was a little crazy and he decided to end it. Moments later, the couple was sitting at dinner when he started with the whole "we need to talk" speech.



What makes this situation even more annoying is that he was doing it at the beginning of dinner. Clearly this is probably not what your date has in mind when accepting your dinner invitation. Think about it.

Imagine the excitement as you are getting all dressed up for a big date with the person you are seeing only to have them break it off. Then you have to sit there with them, the person who ended it, through the entire dinner. I mean really, what part of this sounds fun? Isn't that kind of like going on a date with your ex? Though at least in that case your ex knew she (or he) was actually your ex when agreeing to see you.


Now, I know this is only a television show, but it made me think. Seriously, who breaks up with a girl over dinner? I am really hoping that this sort of thing only happens on television and not actually in real life. Honestly, I tried to think of a worse situation to have that talk and I really couldn't.


On my column on I listed several ways that should never be used to end a relationship. You know things like texting, e-mail, facebook, etc. Well, I think I would like to add this situation to the list. In fact, I would just like to say that I don't really think it's the best idea to have this conversation in a public setting at all.


Here's a little tidbit of information that you should keep in mind. Just because you have the guts to actually have the talk does not mean that automatically makes you a fantastic person. I personally believe the way you break up with a person counts for just as much as having the conversation itself.


How about we try breaking up in a way that's the best way for both parties. And yes, I know this is no easy feat because breaking up sucks - it's not easy on anyone. Look at it this way, just because you are the one doing the breaking up doesn't mean that sitting through dinner will be all that great for you either. So next time, try doing it in private. That way you both can go your separate ways immediately after, which is technically how it's supposed to be anyway right?


What's your worst break up story? Share it with me here.



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