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Chicago 2016 is a bust; here's what else is going on

Shari Weiss

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There's a lot of news today that has nothing to do with the Olympics.  No, really.  There is. 

Keep reading for a run down of what you may have missed during this morning's craziness.

Patti Blagojevich is suing over alleged defamation

Memorial unveiled at NIU in recognition of 2008 shooting

Drew Peterson trial will be held in Will County, despite motion for location change

The national unemployment rate is now at 26-year high

Kanye West/Lady Gag tour mysteriously canceled

Skip "Whip It" and check out the Windy City Rollers instead

David Letterman fights extortion attempt and confesses on-air to past affairs



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Pinky White said:

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I am a resident of the 3900 hundred block of Lake Park Avenue and we constantly have police sitting out here 24 hours and we have no criminal activity in this area. Instead they should be in neighborhoods that need their help and protecting people in high crime areas or patroling these schools instead of sit around here all day.

Ryan Nagle said:


Excuse the test comment.

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