The Chicago Blackhawks: Winners of the Stanley Cup and Toronto's heart.

June 24, 2013. An unlikely day for a hockey game to be held - let alone a Stanley Cup hockey game.  But, so it was. The Blackhawks of Chicago faced the Bruins of Boston in a duel for the top spot in the National Hockey League (NHL) after a shortened which season rife with all sorts of excitement.

According to the media, the Blackhawks were the underdogs - they had won the President's Trophy, and they "were no match for 6'9 Boston Captain Chara and his crew of hard-hitters" -  an unfair assessment considering Chicago's impressive roster and remarkable numbers this past season, but I digress.  Chicago's fans didn't give up, and neither did their team.

And hey, remember those Toronto Maple Leafs fans who had an insatiable appetite for Boston's defeat after Toronto's loss in Game 7 of the first round?  They didn't give up either.  And when Bryan Bickell scored that beauty goal in the last minute of the game, followed by Dave Bolland's game winning goal (GWG) 17 seconds later, a collective sigh of relief and joy echoed from Chicago upwards to Toronto.

The reaction to the Blackhawks' victory in Toronto is best summed up by the cover of the June 25, 2013 cover of the Toronto Sun:

Toronto Sun Blackhawks


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So thank you Chicago Blackhawks.  Not just from Toronto, but from the fans, media, and Patrick Kane's barber.  


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