Sick of Boxy Blackhawks Tees?

Sick of Boxy Blackhawks Tees?
Say no to boxy tees.

If you're a gal who likes sports, finding nice sports apparel is like going on a hunt for an honest politician.  You know what I mean, you walk into the sports store and see row upon row, and rack upon rack of really sharp looking men's stuff. Then when you glance over to the women's area, you see a limited array of boxy stock  t-shirts, with un-creative designs. You let out a sigh and just grab the least ugly thing you can find on that one rack. You proceed to pay over $30 for it - after all, you NEED something with the team logo on it, and maybe you could have an "Ugly T-Shirt Party" at the end of the season?

If you're sick of having to settle for the over-sized, ill-fitting, crew-neck t-shirts that are in ample supply - I'd say, welcome to the club...

BUT, I am no longer suffering from that first-world problem...

I was lucky enough to score some really great Blackhawks swag including a casual Toews hoodie, a trendy top from Alyssa Milano's Touch By AM line, and a fashionable bejeweled top with real Swarovski crystals.

[DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid by anyone to promote these items; I just really like them and wanted to share!]

Blackhawks Vintage Scarf, Jonathan Toews Blackhawks Hoodie, Touch By Alyssa Millano T-shirt, Ice-T Crystal logo Blackhawks t-shirt

The goods.

The hoodie is fantastic because it's casual, comfortable, and it's great for watching the game at home. It's not too fancy and it's awesome for keeping you cozy on rainy (or snowy) days.

Oh Captain, my Captain. Rear view of the hawks hoodie.

Oh Captain, my Captain. A Rear view of the hoodie.

Finding tops that are fitted, flattering, yet still sporty has always been my personal challenge during my quest for a nice hockey top.  I find most have the dreaded crew-neck , ugly sleeves, and the body never seems to be flattering.

Alyssa Milano solved that problem with this ultra-versatile top.  The V-neck, the cap sleeves, the material, and the design is perfect for hanging out with friends and flaunting your team spirit.

Bonus: this top can be dressed up or down with jewelry or heels if you want to kick it up a notch, or just worn with skinny jeans or leggings to keep it casual.

Close-up of the V-neck from Touch by AM

Close-up of the V-neck from Touch by AM

This last suggestion I have is one that's perfect for the rink, or if you feel like being a bit different.  The crystals are not too flashy (which I like) and it's a semi-sheer material which makes it a bit more elegant.  Good news, it has cap-sleeves and although it does have a crew-neck, the fit is ultra-flattering.

I definitely keep this one in my top drawer for when I am in a rush -  it's not needy - all you have to do is throw on some nice jeans and you're set!

The Indian Head has never looked so stylish. Love the subtle crystals.

The Indian Head has never looked so stylish. Love the subtle crystals.

Now say you don't want to get stuck wearing a Hawks top all night? Enter the scarf. Easy to throw on, easy to throw off,; and it looks sharp with any outfit you happen to be wearing (whether you're male, or female).

I like this scarf so much that I will be giving one away to one lucky reader. All you have to do is send me a tweet telling me why you deserve to win it: "Hey @ree_i, I should win the Vintage Blackhawks Scarf because  ______!" 

Who doesn't like vintage?

Who doesn't like vintage?

There you have it, you don't have to be stuck with that ugly t-shirt.  [BTW, I'm not discluding you guys, if you see something you'd rock, go for it].

What are your favorite things to wear on game-day? Share your finds in the comments below! 


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