BREAKING: Patrick Kane is Acting his Age.

BREAKING: Patrick Kane is Acting his Age.
Patrick Kane celebrating Cinco de Mayo. (Photo Credit: Deadspin)

During the post-season as the news starts tapering off, it seems the most irrelevant non-stories become newsworthy.

I'm not talking about the articles no one reads about the Pizza lunch the Blackhawks front-office had to discuss the year, or the countless opinion pieces re-hashing everything we heard during the regular season.  I'm talking about making a story out of a Player engaging in regular life activity.

Case-in-point: The countless write-ups and accounts of Patrick Kane's Cinco de Mayo celebrations.


What I gather from the exaggerated headlines, in simple form, is that a) Kane has friends, b) he hung out with them over the weekend, and c) they took pictures (prosaic stuff, I know)...

Clicking on a "story" that's supposed to be interesting only to be met with the type of drivel I could easily see every 2 minutes on Facebook is obnoxious and doesn't really qualify as newsworthy in my mind.  Maybe I'm just weird, but to me this piece Deadspin compiled is pretty dumb, uninspired, and lacking of integrity.

According to Deadspin's clan of eye-witnesses, Kane was...wait for it... "at a party drunk."  If it's news that young people engage in that sort of behavior, maybe I should call the Tribune next time my 23 yr old neighbors have a party.

Banal stuff, and not much of a story, really.  So why did Deadspin think it would be a good idea to run it in the first place?  Quite simply: A guy like Kane is an easy target for them.  He's young, in the spotlight, and he likes to party.  And when he parties, the kats at Deadspin have an opportunity to cash in.  They give the kids who were at said party with Kane a chance to run their mouthes, and they get "the dirt" they hope will drive traffic to their website.  Boom everyone wins.  Except Kane, but he's rich so who cares, right?


Wrong.  We can't hold him to different standards or rights than the rest of us.  He is just a person, and we as people all have the right to the freedom to live our lives as we see fit as long as we aren't hurting others.

Kane didn't hurt anyone despite the unevidenced claims (by opportunistic college kids) that he was acting like an unsub on Criminal Minds.  There is no record of the police getting involved with Kane during any part of his day, nor are there any charges filed against him by anyone he came into contact with.  Thus, until some verified information emerges about the claims that Kane was getting all Wayne Brady and trying to 'choke a biatch', we can write these added embellishments off as  bullshit false.

23 yr olds indulging in adult drinks is not news, Deadspin, so give him a break, will ya?  His hangover the next day was probably torture enough...


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    The fun sort of stops when the police show up. .

  • In reply to Peter Argent:

    Yes, maybe he should grow up, but calling for a trade is just getting a little overboard. In any other city this wouldn't even have made the news.

  • In reply to Ree:

    Um... In Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, and all other cities with respectable franchises, Kane would have been traded after his arrest in Buffalo. This stuff about Kane's partying and antics makes the news because it's unacceptable for an athlete who fans look up to and admire.

  • Yes, he hasn't been charged, but numerous witnesses corroborate the same stories: he was kicked out of a party for saying something anti-semitic and he allegedly choked a girl.

    plus, who wants to hang out with college kids when you're 23. creepy! weird! he's like Matthew McConaughy's character in "Dazed and Confused" who said "that's what I like about them high school girls, I get older, they stay the same age."

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