Snoozefest in Jersey: Devils Are the Most Boring Robbers...

Snoozefest in Jersey: Devils Are the Most Boring Robbers...
Everybody be cool, this is a robbery!

Horns, Italian flags on the Jumbotron, and a score that remained locked at 1-1 til the end of regulation - no, not a soccer game - this was the scene last night in Jersey as the Devils hosted the Blackhawks for a game that got semi-interesting only in the last 10 minutes or so.

In typical Blackhawks fashion, the Devils were allowed an early goal first which was equalized what seemed like hours later by Brent Seabrook.  To say this game was a snoozer, would be an understatement.

The Devils looked like they were hosting practice with only Marty Brodeur really exerting any effort from their side and despite the fact that the Hawks had more Shots on Goal than the Devils, they didn't look great either.  Even the usually not-dejected Patrick Sharp was shown looking frustrated - head in arms on the bench for being robbed of so many chances during the game.  Also uncharacteristic was Marian Hossa (who wore the 3rd 'A' in Duncan Keith's absence) going to the sin-bin.

Despite their claims that they could learn to play without Keith (who is serving a 5 game suspension), it was very evident his lack of presence was getting in their heads as we watched even the most talented players struggle to give the Hawks an edge and "get it in" (as the Jersey saying goes).

And so the game went to OT.  And when that expired, a shoot out.

Keeping with the theme of the game, the shoot-out was uninteresting, so we'll keep this brief.  Kane pulled out his predictable backhand move and was easily stopped by Brodeur.  The Devils got past Crawford and he threw a fit which might have been more entertaining if he wasn't so emo all the time.  After a couple more misses on both sides, Patrick Sharp actually managed to get one in and redeem his frustrated self.  After another slip-in and robbery by the Devils, they took the game.  Final score: CHI 1, NJD 2 (SO).

Getting the point was great, but watching that game felt like the "Forever" Uncle Jesse sang about on Full House.  Both the Hawks' Power Play, and even the 5 on 3 they had at one point were unstimulating and fruitless.  I don't blame them though, keeping momentum during such a boring game is not an easy feat.

Hopefully they can find some of that before Thursday when they face the T-1000's of the NHL (aka The Blues).

Until then...

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