Chicago Caps the Night Off with a Big Win at the Madhouse.

Chicago Caps the Night Off with a Big Win at the Madhouse.
Mike Brown: Uhh, did we just lose?

Another game, another 2 points.  At least that seems to be the new motto of the Blackhawks.

The Washington Capitals made it extremely easy for the Hawks to dominate them and take a 3 point lead to ultimately win the game, 5-2.

From start to finish, the game was high energy on the Blackhawks side, with Duncan Keith firing a fast shot on goal less than 3 minutes into the first period.  A leaping Andrew Shaw was awarded the  goal as the puck deflected off of him and right past the tendie.  Shaw proved he was worth more than just lucky deflection goals though, as he went on to score yet another goal later in the game.  Earlier this season, I mentioned Shaw was one of the guys to watch and I got a lot of chuckles and scoffs like "oh we'll see about that" - I'd say we are more than seeing about that now.

Bryan Bickell scored an Empty Net Goal too, which secured the Hawks lead late in the game...

And then there's everyone's favorite break-out player, Viktor Stalberg, who brewed up some Swedish magic with his goal this game.  It was too beautiful for words, so see for yourself:

Knuble and Ovechkin scored 2 pretty good goals at some point for the Capitals; they just didn't really stand out at all.

The Player that did stand out was again, Patrick Kane. Kane has been really owning his role and even though most goalies anticipate he will try to go backhand shelf on them, he always keeps it interesting.  During this game, it was like he never left the ice, and his performance overshadowed Sharp, who's plays almost seemed invisible compared to PKane's bag of tricks.

Too bad Patrick Kane is not as good at Twitter as he is on the ice:

Patrick Kane ‏ @88PKane

Always fun getting 2pts, especially in UC! Thx for voting for my cousin Nolan. Voting ends Monday at noon plz vote here

Ya. Kane has been absent from Twitter ever since the All-Star Game, and recently only appeared to ask his followers to go vote for his cousin.  A lot of his fans are not diggin' it and have been calling him out in a futile attempt to get him to engage.  No such luck.

In fact, it probably isn't even Kane running the account and it doesn't look like the person who is even realizes the purpose of SOCIAL media is to socialize.  The fact that the account follows no one, never engages, and only posts calls to action is unenterprising; especially for a Player of such high profile.

So to whoever is running the account: take the two minutes a day to do something with the account other than broadcast.  Kaner fans are not happy.

The Blackhawks play again tomorrow, versus the league's bottom-ranking Columbus team.  No word yet on when Jonathan Toews will return.

Keep the faith, Blackhawks fans!



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