Blackhawks Rock Red Wings Like a HurriKane in Detroit.

Blackhawks Rock Red Wings Like a HurriKane in Detroit.

The quality of the games the Blackhawks have been in involved in has gone up drastically as of late.  Yesterday was no exception, as the Blackhawks battled to beat the Red Wings in Detroit.

Patrick Sharp was able to zing one in first and get the Blackhawks on the board.  The Red Wings came back fast with Kronwall matching Sharp's effort to equalize the points.  Kronwall decided scoring wasn't enough though, and he warned Sharp he would be coming for him during the game; proving to be a man of his word, he followed through on his promise with an attempted charge into the boards.  His timing was off and Sharp got on his knees too quickly to avoid him but, Bickell responded anyway by checking Kronwall and taking a penalty for the unneeded involvement.

Duncan Keith, who we haven't seen in many fights this season, was also involved in a play that resulted in a penalty.  Keith did not look the least bit apologetic for sticking up for team-mate Patrick Kane as he skated to the Penalty Box; thus set the pace for an action-packed game of the most rivaled variety.  And what would a game be without Andrew Shaw getting in a fight with a bigger guy?

No one backed down and the Blackhawks looked more gritty than they have in a long bad while.  Their penalty kill, speed, and turnover rate have all improved greatly; and with all the talent on this team's roster, it was about time they started capitalizing.

Many on the team have attributed a lot of this improvement to Johnny Oduya helping out in D, and he has definitely been a factor; but in this game, the level of skill on this team was best manifested when Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane combined to score the game-winning goal for the Blackhawks.  Major props to Ray Emery for holding it down in net again.

Final score: CHI 2, DET 1.

So, with all this excitement, do we still miss Jonathan Toews?  Obviously.  It's unlikely the Captain will return to battle anytime soon though, so it's relieving that the Hawks are adjusting to his absence.  And they better get used to it:  Toews has not even began skating yet and he will not be traveling to join the team on the remainder of their road-trip.

Looks like Kane will be taking it from here...

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