Stars Shine Brighter in Chicago: Blackhawks Fall to Dallas.

Stars Shine Brighter in Chicago: Blackhawks Fall to Dallas.

The highly speculated about Adam Burish and the boys from Dallas came to Chicago last night and gave the Blackhawks a nice helping of humble pie.

After beating some of the League's toughest teams, the Blackhawks showed up for what looked like practice and proceeded to play like no one was keeping score.

Unfortunately for them, the Dallas Stars were, and they made it their mission to win against all the odds.  Final score: CHI 1, DAL 3.

What concerns most people watching is that the Blackhawks seem to come into games versus "less gritty" teams with the wrong attitude, and as a result, they're always made to pay (i.e. EDM, CGY, COL, PHX); this matters because they are missing out on points they can't exactly spare at the moment.

Maybe there is no need to panic about making the play-offs (yet), but letting a game go out of complacence is hard to stomach.  Even Coach Quenneville made it known he was upset at the outcome of the game and admitted "we didn't do enough to deserve the win -  it was there right in our hands and we let it get away".

Q is confident this will not happen on this weekend's road-trip though.  The Blackhawks will travel to California without Captain Jonathan Toews, Niklas Hjalmarsson, and Steve Montador to face both the L.A. Kings and the Anaheim Ducks.  Road-games haven't been kind to the Blackhawks lately, and having to deal with the dynamic sans-Toews will be a challenge.

As we all know, Toews is suffering from a concussion upper-body injury, and was involved in a car-crash yesterday. The crash was minor, and the Captain is OK.  Here's a picture of the damage:

(errrr...why does he have a car like Justin Bieber?)

The team will have to learn to play without him as he will clearly need some time to properly recover.  If you haven't seen the work Toews does, take a glance at the Allstate Play of the Week for reference on why he's instrumental:

The Players are confident they can hit the ground running despite their challenges, so let's hope they're right. The Hawks must do whatever it takes - Sharp tucking his jersey in, sacrificing sticks to the Hockey gods, eating at In-and-Out Burger, Tebowing - to get the oh-so-crucial 4 points in California, and come home with their heads up.

Whatever it takes does not include a major trade enough with that chatter.

Keep the Faith, Blackhawks fans!



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