It's all the same, only the names will change.

It's all the same, only the names will change.
Gagner made the Hawks net his BFF.

It's probably fair to say that last night's Sam Gagner Show had all of our jaws on the floor. Ironic that the name "Gagner" is French for "Win" because Edmonton's Sam Gagner was the big winner last night - making history for 8 points in a game, all at Chicago's expense.  The Blackhawks looked almost as bad as Madonna's new music video, falling hard to the Oilers (the league's 26th ranked team). Final score EDM: 8, CHI: 4.

The players' reactions to the game were same as always...

The team was embarrassed and had nothing to say in defense of their Defense.  Hawks Captain, Jonathan Toews  was the most frustrated in his statements blaming the team as a whole for a lack of focus on the right end; Sharp, Keith, and Coach Quenneville conveyed similar sentiments. And it's nothing we haven't heard before...(note how miserable they all look).


"...we just didn't do any of the right things. I mean, it was an easy game for their top players...we let them do whatever they wanted, tap in goals left and right, we hung our goaltenders out to dry...comes down to us and the attitude we came in with...there's not much to say about our game other than [that] it was embarrassing, and we didn't play the right way."


"I think it's embarrassing on our side...we clearly got away from our game plan and opened things up a little bit, and then they made us pay. We need to be better in a lot of areas and we're obviously not happy at all..."


"...the goals they had even when it was a close game were from just sloppy hockey, and you just can't have that, it doesn't matter who you're playing..."

Coach Q:

"...we're going to Calgary and we should be disappointed and we should be embarrassed...[there's] gotta be a commitment, it's not about scoring it's about checking and winning the games; 2-1, 1-0, 3-2 games, that's how you win in this league and that's gotta be where the commitment is..."


Let's hope they shake off the troubles that have been plaguing them lately as they face the Calgary Flames tonight...

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