Chicago Blackhawks in Despair After Shut Out by Phoenix Coyotes: Is there Still Hope for a Team That Has Lost 8 Games in a Row?

Chicago Blackhawks in Despair After Shut Out by Phoenix Coyotes: Is there Still Hope for a Team That Has Lost 8 Games in a Row?
Sharp and Kane looking defeated in Phoenix.

The Chicago Blackhawks were on top of the league at the beginning of 2012. Now, they have lost 8 games in a row, pushing them down the rankings to 11th overall, leaving us to question:  is there hope for a team that's playing like your houseleague hockey team in elementary school?

Analysts often use Emotion Cycle charts and graphs to make projections and predict what to anticipate in Economics, so here we will apply the same tools to see what results we can expect the Blackhawks to yield since their state of mind is their main problem.

According to the cyclical nature of things, the answer to whether there is hope for this team, is yes. As it stands, The Chicago Blackhawks are currently at the point of Despair.

We watched them go through Greed and Indifference while they were on top which put them in trouble; ultimately resulting in a state of Concern, and most noticeably Fear.

The Fear was extremely evident in their latest performances, as they allowed other teams to take advantage of them while showing little, to no push-back or hustle. The team completely lost their legs as they the let the Fear consume them, allowing a rapid descent down the spiral into their current state of Despair. The good news is that Despair is rock bottom - the lowest point of the cycle - and the only way from here is up.

Last night, the Despair in both Patricks (Kane and Sharp) was very apparent as they addressed the Media.

Patrick Sharp was especially despondent, grinding his teeth, and fidgeting during questioning.  Sharp expressed the same frustrated emotions we heard previously from team Captain Jonathan Toews (who was unavailable for questioning). Sharp repeated that "no one's going to feel sorry for us in the league, and no one's going to make it easy on us", though seeming to draw a blank on how to win just one game.

Kane was lost as well, but stressed the team just needed one game and things would change, stating "all we need is one game, we need one win, get ourselves a greasy win one way or the other, and just find a way to win a game [to] get ourselves out of this funk and get everyone in the room confident again..."

I cannot speak for how they need to get back on the upswing of things (although I proposed a pretty swell idea near the beginning of this slump), all that is certain is that, the cycle will run it's course and the players will regain their confidence eventually.

Confidence is what the team is aimlessly pawing at right now, however before they get to that point, they are due to go through Doubt & Suspicion, as well as Caution. What remains to be determined is how long each point in the cycle will last for the Blackhawks and there are many external factors to consider with other teams in the league; thus, making it hard to anticipate how long the Despair will last before we see a substantial difference in their game.

Hypothetically (Best Case Scenario), if we see them move past it and move onto Doubt & Suspicion over the next couple of games versus Nashville and New York, they will be Cautious (albeit, better) for their games against the Blue Jackets and the Blues. By February 21, the day they have to face their rivals the Detroit Red Wings, the Blackhawks will be at that coveted point of Confidence.

Worst Case Scenario is that they will be on the cusp of Despair and Doubt & Suspicion during the next 2 games. By no means will Nashville and New York make it easy for the team to consolidate hope, and this will slow the progression into the next points in the healing cycle. When they face the Blue Jackets, the team will be more likely to abridge more hope and move along towards being Cautious for the game against the Blues. Again, the Blues might be a bottle-neck and hold them back from moving into Confidence just yet, so they will still be at that point when they face Detroit. Because the Red Wings are their rivals though, playing against them will give them the adrenaline they need to push forth and be more confident so that by the time they face their next conquest (the Dallas Stars), they will be on the verge of Confidence. The opponents who will be prey to their new found confidence will be the LA Kings, the Ducks, and the Leafs at the end of February.

Projected Percent Chance for Best, and Worst Case scenarios is 30-70 (respectively).

We will see.

All we know for sure  is that it will only go up from here. Keep the Faith, Blackhawks fans!

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