Captain Frustrated: Jonathan Toews Reacts to Blackhawks' 7th Straight Loss

Captain Frustrated: Jonathan Toews Reacts to Blackhawks' 7th Straight Loss

Poor Jonny Toews. Of all the players on the team, he seems to be the most legitimately bothered by the Blackhawks' current losing streak. Last night they added another loss to the tally, making the game in San Jose their 7th straight loss in a row (final score: SJS 5, CHI 3).  

Toews' frustration is really starting to show on the ice too, after being called for "hooking" late in the third period, a visibly angry Toews was sent to the Penalty Box. Needless to say, everyone was eager to get a statement from him after the game.

So what did the good Captain have to say?

Right off the bat he seemed almost apologetic for not being able to win, saying "right now, I mean it's after another loss, it's tough to look at the bright side of things...we played tough out there...[but] we gave them too many opportunities in the power play and that's how they separated themselves from us in this game..."

In typical Canadian fashion, he continued apologizing, saying "again, it always seems to be one thing or  the other", but then he flipped the redemption card and pointed out that the team has improved vastly since the beginning of their slump, asserting "I think tonight we were getting closer to playing that complete game, and just again didn't see the results that we wanted..."

Jonathan had a respectable amount of hope in his eyes as he stated "it's frustrating as ever, but the good news [is] that we can bounce right back tomorrow if we have another effort like's gonna be tough but we gotta find a way, we gotta keep digging at it and not give up..."

But then the frustration set in again, and manifested itself (this time with a twist of rancor) as he called out the refs: "we've been pretty frustrated about some of the calls...but not everything is gonna go your way that way so we gotta do better on the penalty kill..."

If the Blackhawks are able to bounce back tonight in Phoenix like Toews is hoping, it may give them back the confidence they have been lacking recently. And now is as good a time as ever - in the coming week, they will face both the Nashville Predators, and the New York Rangers.

Bouncing back will require a full-team effort though so let's hope they can pull it off, if only so we can have Captain Serious back. Captain Frustrated makes us sad.

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