Questionable Musical Choices at 2012 NHL All Star Game

Questionable Musical Choices at 2012 NHL All Star Game
Outasight, outamind.

The All Star Game went down yesterday and as predicted, Team Chara was victorious with a final score of 12-9. Both BlackhawksKane and Hossa, got goals in what Kane called a game that was "a little slower than usual". 

Here are some game highlights to snack on:

During the second intermission, Drake performed.

I love the one they call Drizzy but, I felt awkward watching him standing alone with his DJ on the ice. It was so empty. Moreover, has anyone ever heard a Drake song at a hockey game? Maybe half of once.

I do understand what the intent was behind choosing him - make younger people watch, cross-over markets, ratings, Canadian Artist bla bla bla - it all sort of fits, and it got "DRAKE IS CANADIAN!" trending on  Twitter (sure, if that is ROI?). Was it the best-fit for the All Star Game though? Probably not.

Which brings us to the WTF moment of the Game:

Outasight. Apparently that's an Artist with a real record deal. I would love to know who chose him to open the game and why, cuz...

Yeah. The Mute button has never been so useful.


Scott Hartnell who was called to the All Star Game to replace injured Jonathan Toews was the man to watch, promising to donate $1000 for everytime he fell on the ice (#HartnellDown - he went down 4 times, BTW). He also wore a mic during the game which proved to be highly entertaining.

Hilarious Hartnell Moment:  "SUCK IT PHANEUF!" 

Overall, a great game...

A+  to Team Chara for not going easy on Team Alfie. I guess the booing only helped. So, thank you Ottawa.

Til next year in Columbus, peace All Star Break.

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