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Olczyk names Andrew Ladd as Blackhawks player team will miss most

Ed Olczyk didn’t mince words when asked in a live appearance Friday morning on the NBC Chicago newscast which of the capsized Blackhawks thrown overboard to save the top-heavy financial ship would be missed the most. “Andrew Ladd,” he said. Not a name too familiar to all those late-arriving Blackhawks fans who leaped onto the... Read more »

McDonough explains "impulsive, reactionary" Tallon firing--and need for "calm" GM/VP

Finally, a subject I know something about. Acting smug. I return to a topic I’ve inflicted upon you previously, but am smug enough to do again. I have not won the Stanley Cup, but chances are if I did, I would be smug about it. So I have no problem with a tolerable amount of... Read more »

Vote now for ex-Blackhawks you will miss most during next season

Since Jonathan Toews and Miley Cyrus are wedded on You Tube by her stammering performance at a dumb music awards show after the season, where she lost track of her prompts of what to recite–and left Toews at loose ends with those deft hands playing pocket pool with his mouth on mute while Miley muttered–we... Read more »

Yes, Blackhawks finally say no to Niemi and bring in Turco

Apparently, the Blackhawks agreed with Antti Niemi’s critics. They didn’t believe he was all that good, either, preferring to sign free agent goaltender Marty Turco and turn him loose as a free agent. Niemi wasn’t good enough in their eyes to pay a realistic premium for him and believe he was the wave of the future. They won’t say... Read more »

Niemi expected to return as a Blackhawk with $2.75 million salary

  In a summer of losses, the Chicago Blackhawks skated away with a minor victory during convention weekend after an arbitrator reportedly awarded goaltender Antti Niemi a one-year salary of $2.75 million.  The Hawks championship netminder was seeking in excess of $3 million after an NHL rookie campaign that ended with the Finn hoisting the Stanley... Read more »

Hjalmarsson offer sheet jeopardizes Bowman's word

  Doug Wilson fired a high, hard one at the upper left corner.  Stan Bowman has seven days to take one off the mask or duck for cover. The former Blackhawks defenseman took a shot at his former team as Wilson’s San Jose Sharks signed Niklas Hjalmarsson to a 4-year, $14 million offer sheet.  The... Read more »

Blackhawks won right for us to trust a few laddies can replace a Ladd or two

Is it safe to come out yet? My bald head is sensitive to plummeting concrete and hand grenades, so I have tried to remain out of the line of fire in a dark, cozy bar until we can assess the total damage here and determine if I should alert us all to DEFCON 1, 2,... Read more »

Sunny Beach should be in Blackhawks picture, but forecast is fuzzy with chance of rain

Sounds to me as if Kyle Beach needs some love. Just two years ago, the Blackhawks selected him 11th overall in the NHL draft. And the love showered down upon him–after the usual caveats, of course. “There are questions about his skating and Beach did see his production drop off in  the second half of... Read more »

Blackhawks seek to avoid drafting NHL blockhead at ill-fated "30 Rock" spot

The Blackhawks are being asked to beat their National Hockey League brethren for the second time in June as they congregate again to divide the spoils. And this time the odds are against them. Eliminating the Philadelphia Flyers to end our heartfelt deprivation after 49 years without a Stanley Cup championship might be the easier... Read more »

Stanley Cup celebration is over for Blackhawks GM

Stanley Cup celebration is over for Blackhawks GM
  I believe a week of celebration is about to end for Chicago Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman.  The young NHL executive did guide his club to their first Stanley Cup championship in 49 years in his first season at the helm.  But, rightly or wrongly, few people outside of the organization give the 37-year... Read more »