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McDonough explains "impulsive, reactionary" Tallon firing--and need for "calm" GM/VP

Finally, a subject I know something about. Acting smug. I return to a topic I’ve inflicted upon you previously, but am smug enough to do again. I have not won the Stanley Cup, but chances are if I did, I would be smug about it. So I have no problem with a tolerable amount of... Read more »

Quenneville to win 2011 Jack Adams Award as Best NHL Coach--I bet

Considering that it’s outlandish, irresponsible and crazy to make any predictions about what will happen almost a year from now, I’m happy to oblige. Nuts R Us. Joel Quenneville starts the 2010-11 NHL season as the favorite to claim the Jack Adams Award as the best coach in the league. In fact, I say he... Read more »

Yes, Blackhawks finally say no to Niemi and bring in Turco

Apparently, the Blackhawks agreed with Antti Niemi’s critics. They didn’t believe he was all that good, either, preferring to sign free agent goaltender Marty Turco and turn him loose as a free agent. Niemi wasn’t good enough in their eyes to pay a realistic premium for him and believe he was the wave of the future. They won’t say... Read more »

Stanley Cup celebration is over for Blackhawks GM

Stanley Cup celebration is over for Blackhawks GM
  I believe a week of celebration is about to end for Chicago Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman.  The young NHL executive did guide his club to their first Stanley Cup championship in 49 years in his first season at the helm.  But, rightly or wrongly, few people outside of the organization give the 37-year... Read more »

Happy anniversary! It's been one year since a Blackhawks' slump

I love these hard times with the Blackhawks. Reminds me of when a Rockefeller was forced to skip lunch for a day, because his Rolls Royce went flat in the country and he had to settle for some leftover foie gras and warm chardonnay in the backseat picnic basket while waiting for his limo to... Read more »

As Blackhawks bandwagon gets crowded, the high and the mighty chime in from afar

The time has come to introduce some distinguished critics to Blackhawks Confidential to analzye what’s shaping up to be a season where everyone thinks they’re experts. Many Hawks fans have fallen off the wagon more times than they can count, so I guess we should start worrying how soon the new bandwagon riders will feel... Read more »

Does Bowman have to make Blackhawks' salary-cap trade in four months?

There may be just 52 shopping days until Christmas after today, but more importantly for the Blackhawks just four months now stands between them and the NHL trading deadline. Already, there has been speculation about the team being forced at that time to deal away one or more players who are significant factors in their... Read more »

Is Stan the man with the Blackhawks plan?

Boy, Martin Havlat must really be pissed now. Evidently, the Blackhawks opted not to re-sign the oft-injured Havlat in favor of the injured Marian Hossa.  Ya see, Marty, you are just too unpredictable for a long-term commitment.  Heck, if they don’t bring back the Cup this year, Hossa will have 11 more years to lead... Read more »

Bowman's youth will be tested by NHL general managers

Stan Bowman tried to lower imminent trade expectations at the Blackhawks convention, saying not to anticipate him being active in the player market right away. That shouldn’t mean a thing. What’s the guy going to do? Ramp up the focus on him in his management infancy by saying he is going to be active in... Read more »

Chicago sports families are mixed bag of nuts

I am taking Rocky Wirtz’s age qualifications to be a vibrant contributor to society and the business community to heart. By the late 50s if you are not yet burnt toast, Rocky opined in picking up 22 years by switching from Dale Tallon to Stan Bowman, you are at least showing some unsightly mold around... Read more »