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A new season, a new blogmeister, but same old championship run for Blackhawks

As Marian Hossa said, everyone has to be ready for a new start this season. Don’t live in the past. Of course, when you have $100 million marinating in the bank account, espousing a bright future isn’t a philosophy, it’s a cash-and-carry necessity. Since Blackhawks Confidential has always tried to toe the party line, so... Read more »

Blackhawks need Hossa, Boynton to be old hands at playing superstar and strongman

For the first time in four seasons, Marian Hossa and defenseman Nick Boynton are going to return and play for the same team with whom they finished the previous season. There is your opening upset before training camp commences, even if “Shake Your Moneymaker” Hossa returning to collect on $62.8 million isn’t much of a... Read more »

Blackhawks president McDonough has blood on his hands with Sosa--me, too

Here’s some Chicago Tribune breaking news for you, just lost and loitering on ice in the frosty hinterlands of our far-flung Tribune world. Chances are, you don’t care about it. But I’m cleaning out my closet and thought I would throw a few musty things away and twist it toward the Blackhawks so I have... Read more »

New Blackhawks fan favorite arrives anonymously from Edmonton wilderness

August in Chicago is not conducive to Stanley Cup dreams. Those thoughts are microwaved into ambiguity by endless streams of humidity that are more oppressive than sneers from Chris Pronger and certain Detroit Red Wings bloggers we know and abhor 12 months a year, 24 hours a day, 60 seconds a minute. So in fear that you... Read more »

Blackhawks need less celebrating, more reassembling of what's left behind

We could use a Black Jack offspring for the Blackhawks convention this weekend. Black Jack was the most famous riderless horse for military funerals, poignantly representing the valiantly fallen and the missing. There should be hockey sticks instead of boots turned backwards in the stirrups and a bottle of Jagermeister’s finest emptily hanging from the... Read more »

Niemi gets little love as Blackhawks debate his net worth to a championship

I’m bored. Aren’t you? I guess there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues. I see where GM Stan Bowman is still supposedly ferociously wheeling-and-dealing in the Blackhawks front office and I can’t stop myself from stifling a yawn. He is no Patrick Kane when it comes to holding a guy’s attention. He reminds me... Read more »

Sunny Beach should be in Blackhawks picture, but forecast is fuzzy with chance of rain

Sounds to me as if Kyle Beach needs some love. Just two years ago, the Blackhawks selected him 11th overall in the NHL draft. And the love showered down upon him–after the usual caveats, of course. “There are questions about his skating and Beach did see his production drop off in  the second half of... Read more »

Just an impatient waiting game for Blackhawks fans seeking answers

I’m waiting to hear if goaltender Antti Niemi has signed a 12-year, $63 million  contract with the Blackhawks. I’m waiting to hear if Cristobal Huet has been exiled to Siberia, or at least to  some faraway land anywhere his contract can be transferred, frozen and taken off  Chicago’s almost cooked books. I’m waiting to hear... Read more »

Blackhawks seek to avoid drafting NHL blockhead at ill-fated "30 Rock" spot

The Blackhawks are being asked to beat their National Hockey League brethren for the second time in June as they congregate again to divide the spoils. And this time the odds are against them. Eliminating the Philadelphia Flyers to end our heartfelt deprivation after 49 years without a Stanley Cup championship might be the easier... Read more »

The day the earth stood still as rocketman Kane took us to the moon

There were July 4th fireworks on June 9 in LaGrange, my hometown. There is a new calendar in town and it could last a Kane’s age. Probably the same for you anywhere else in Chicagoland, where the night sky saw a strange comet in the shape of a feathered headdress that is apt to streak... Read more »