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A new season, a new blogmeister, but same old championship run for Blackhawks

As Marian Hossa said, everyone has to be ready for a new start this season. Don’t live in the past. Of course, when you have $100 million marinating in the bank account, espousing a bright future isn’t a philosophy, it’s a cash-and-carry necessity. Since Blackhawks Confidential has always tried to toe the party line, so... Read more »

The Old Man and the See-Saw

I have gone up-and-down, back-and-forth, round-and-round–and that is just trying to get out of bed–but I have decided after some inappropriate meditation on life as I know it and wish it to be to pass on the baton of Blackhawks Confidential to a blogger to be named later. There have been so many Blackhawks experts... Read more »

Blackhawks need Hossa, Boynton to be old hands at playing superstar and strongman

For the first time in four seasons, Marian Hossa and defenseman Nick Boynton are going to return and play for the same team with whom they finished the previous season. There is your opening upset before training camp commences, even if “Shake Your Moneymaker” Hossa returning to collect on $62.8 million isn’t much of a... Read more »

McDonough explains "impulsive, reactionary" Tallon firing--and need for "calm" GM/VP

Finally, a subject I know something about. Acting smug. I return to a topic I’ve inflicted upon you previously, but am smug enough to do again. I have not won the Stanley Cup, but chances are if I did, I would be smug about it. So I have no problem with a tolerable amount of... Read more »

Blackhawks should be strengthened by not being picked to win again

I expect a large number of publications in the next few weeks will predict that the Blackhawks won’t be a repeat winner of the Stanley Cup. The forced reassembling of the roster to accommodate the salary cap will be widely viewed as a sign of weakness. How should the team react to that preseason downgrade?... Read more »

New Blackhawks fan favorite arrives anonymously from Edmonton wilderness

August in Chicago is not conducive to Stanley Cup dreams. Those thoughts are microwaved into ambiguity by endless streams of humidity that are more oppressive than sneers from Chris Pronger and certain Detroit Red Wings bloggers we know and abhor 12 months a year, 24 hours a day, 60 seconds a minute. So in fear that you... Read more »

Niemi's agent prefers "negotiated settlement" to arbitration--and talks "trade"

Bill Zito, Antti Niemi’s agent, said on The Score (AM-670) Wednesday morning that he preferred not going to an arbitration hearing July 29 with the Blackhawks. “I always think a negotiated settlement is best,” Zito told morning hosts Mike Mulligan and Brian Hanley. “We have a pretty good case, but there is always a risk.... Read more »

Blackhawks won right for us to trust a few laddies can replace a Ladd or two

Is it safe to come out yet? My bald head is sensitive to plummeting concrete and hand grenades, so I have tried to remain out of the line of fire in a dark, cozy bar until we can assess the total damage here and determine if I should alert us all to DEFCON 1, 2,... Read more »

Sharks' Pavelski vows to bring down Hawks' Niemi: "We can definitely get to him"

Do we welcome the Blackhawks back to Chicago for Game 3 Friday night and Game 4 Sunday afternoon? Can we take the risk of letting our homeboys in the front door and muddying the red carpet? Or do we announce that Chicago has been stricken by bubonic plague and will stay closed for the remainder... Read more »

NHL has to be silently rooting to get back to Original Six championship series

Get ready to hear a lot about the NHL’s Original Six. And that’s good news for the NHL, able to emphasize how far this league has come at the same time it shows what a rich underpinning and attractive history the sport offers to both long-time fans and neophytes ready to discover that hockey is... Read more »