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Blackhawks bubble blows bigger and bigger, but it will not burst

Sometimes the only thing worse than too little success is too much success. Strains the nerves either way. Gets you wondering what can go wrong now with all this winning to explain. The Blackhawks bubble grows bigger and bigger every day. Seven straight wins. Seven straight road wins. Living in a bubble has them under... Read more »

Hossa Hex could be real deal if it curses Blackhawks in Stanley Cup finals

Marian Hossa knows how to pick ’em. To a point, and that point has stuck him in the end like hemorrhoids. For the third straight year, Hossa will be playing in the Stanley Cup finals. A worthy history, and yet not one with the proper ring to it. We can only fervently hope this Blackhawks... Read more »

Blackhawks and Niemi take control of their Stanley Cup destiny, beating San Jose 2-1

Number one star: Antti Niemi. Number two star: Antti Niemi. Number three star: Antti…oh, hell, Duncan Keith. No one has been harder on Keith this postseason than me. The Blackhawks defenseman was exceptional in handling the puck, identifying the give-and-take and keeping the tempo mostly in Chicago’s favor. Joe Thornton, one shot. Jonathan Toews, no shots.... Read more »

Hang it all, the Blackhawks need to go balls out in Game 6 on every level

I’m trying to remember the last time a Chicago sportswriter started his story with a Samuel Johnson quote. I have scratched my head until bald without recalling such an eminent personage being called upon to referee or comment on a Chicago sporting exercise of great merit. It figures. We even lost the struggle for being... Read more »

Blackhawks talk of the town in Vancouver--now shut up damn it and kill 'em with kindness

Some reporters wanted to dig to the rock bottom of the nasty stingers and zingers, back stabbing and frontal fulminations, get a detailed dialogue of the character assassinations and personal enmity that were occurring right in front of their eyes. Nothing intrigues more than hate unleashed, mouths unchecked, witticisms thrown like an ice-packed snowball with... Read more »

Blackhawks aren't finnished by a longshot, thanks to Niemi and Seabrook

For all of you second bananas out there who think you should be first, well, this Blackhawks-Vancouver series is definitely for you. Brent Seabrook and Antti Niemi epitomize what it means when second bananas become the apple of your eye. Seabrook is dishing out the strawberries, hitting on every cylinder and quite a few Canucks,... Read more »

Blackhawks offense doesn't add up to anything good

I have never been a math whiz. My old teachers, such as Plato and Aristotle, will attest that a lot of what I do and say doesn’t add up. But I have just examined the Blackhawks’ books and I can tell you this. They are bankrupt, a team on the point of extinction if there... Read more »

"Scared" Blackhawks get booed and blown away in frightening loss to Vancouver

Why should Ryan Kesler stop with Andrew Ladd? Go ahead, Ryan, call all the Blackhawks cowards. You’ve got a free head shot. Might as well take it. Hell, Versus studio analyst Keith Jones basically did. “They look scared to me,” Jones said during the second intermission. Scaredy cats. Going into a series that was ballyhooed... Read more »

Personally, I hate the Blackhawks-Canucks hatred theme; let's blow it off

Whether you are going to United Center, a bar, a couch, a car, or your favorite easy chair to take in Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals Saturday night between Vancouver and the Blackhawks, don’t forget to act angry, steamed, pissed off, irate, mightily insulted and offended. Otherwise, just no possible way you can... Read more »

Canadiens-Blackhawks seek Stanley Cup championship rematch--39 years later

The path has been cleared a little more for the Blackhawks to win a Stanley Cup. Removing Washington from the map is like erasing the Appalachian Mountains. When the Hawks-Vancouver series finally commences Saturday night, everyone knows that their chances to be a champion just got easier with the Capitals capsized. The Montreal Canadiens pulled... Read more »