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It's Holy Shit Week on Blackhawks' calendar--start praying with passion

In times of personal crisis and unspeakable terror and nuclear rainfall such as this, I always ask myself: WWMD. What Would Mike Do? No, not me. I’m talking here about that other Warped Weapon of Mass Destruction–Mad Mike Keenan. We could always throw Denis Savard out of the team hotel, as Keenan once did during... Read more »

Blackhawks start season on world tour: beware of cabbies and curbs

Blackhawks fans may have forgotten that this is a historic month for their club.While perpetually dazed Chicagoans figure out what in the world happened to the Cubs and White Sox, and eventually what in the world were the Bears thinking with Jay Cutler, their hockey team travels the world in search of a flaming start... Read more »

Just another bleeping blogger is unwelcomed to the club

I’m officially in the union, a computer-yapping member of JABB. Just Another Bleeping Blogger. That struck home when Blackhawks general manager Dale Tallon refused a couple requests for phone interviews. The last time I left Tallon, in 1995 when I last covered the Hawks for the Trib in a six-year tour of duty in combat... Read more »

Blackhawk Notebook: Without A Full Boat, Hawks Could Fold

As if the challenge of the Detroit Red Wings wasn’t enough with all hands on deck, the Chicago Blackhawks may now have to face their hated rivals without two of their cornerstone players.  These circumstances alone could be enough to squash the young upstarts’ Stanley Cup dreams. Nikolai Khabibulin’s injury/illness is a best guess scenario. ... Read more »