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Olczyk names Andrew Ladd as Blackhawks player team will miss most

Ed Olczyk didn’t mince words when asked in a live appearance Friday morning on the NBC Chicago newscast which of the capsized Blackhawks thrown overboard to save the top-heavy financial ship would be missed the most. “Andrew Ladd,” he said. Not a name too familiar to all those late-arriving Blackhawks fans who leaped onto the... Read more »

Vote now for ex-Blackhawks you will miss most during next season

Since Jonathan Toews and Miley Cyrus are wedded on You Tube by her stammering performance at a dumb music awards show after the season, where she lost track of her prompts of what to recite–and left Toews at loose ends with those deft hands playing pocket pool with his mouth on mute while Miley muttered–we... Read more »

Blackhawks won right for us to trust a few laddies can replace a Ladd or two

Is it safe to come out yet? My bald head is sensitive to plummeting concrete and hand grenades, so I have tried to remain out of the line of fire in a dark, cozy bar until we can assess the total damage here and determine if I should alert us all to DEFCON 1, 2,... Read more »

Blackhawks survive a shootout with Philadelphia and win Game 1 6-5

I love Antti Niemi. I love Antti Niemi. I love Antti Niemi. I love Kris Versteeg. I love Kris Versteeg. I love Kris Versteeg. I love Tomas Kopecky. I love Tomas Kopecky. I love Tomas Kopecky. I love Troy Brouwer. I love Troy Brouwer. I love Troy Brouwer. I love Marian Hossa. I love Marian... Read more »

Versteeg caps comeback as Blackhawks even series with Canucks

Go ahead, pick a cliche.  It’s not about how you start, it’s how you finish.  Better late than never.  Never say die.  There’s not a wrong answer.  They all apply. Well, the Chicago Blackhawks were about finished after a miserable opening five minutes that saw them fall behind by two quick goals.  But the gritty... Read more »

Niemi, Toews pull a win out of the hat in New Jersey with a great magic act

Let’s look at it this way, because you can spin this diamond in the rough around and perceive it from a lot of different angles–some of them less than sparkling and some of them rough as a corncob when you cut right to the core. This was playoff-style hockey, tight, patient and deliberate hockey where big moves are often... Read more »

Blackhawks sucker punched by two late Flyers goals, lose 3-2

There has been many a sucker punch thrown on the hard streets of Philadelphia. And it might take the Blackhawks a while to recover from Saturday afternoon’s unexpected knockdown. Beating Washington Sunday afternoon on NBC at United Center could partly salve the wound. But this 3-2 loss should leave a mental bruise that doesn’t subside easily, because it... Read more »

Kane's two goals and Versteeg's shootout winner allow Blackhawks to escape a close call against Dallas

If Patrick Kane scores twice, you really shouldn’t lose. In fact, if Kane scores a goal at all, the Blackhawks seldom come up short. They are now 17-4 this season when Kane has managed a goal, so the kid is steadily developing into much more than a nifty passer. Kane scores and he usually pulls... Read more »

Versteeg or Byfuglien? Who's out when Bolland's back?

With Dave Bolland’s return to the lineup a possibility on Wednesday night when the Chicago Blackhawks return to the United Center to face the St. Louis Blues, it’s decision time for either Joel Quenneville or Stan Bowman.  If the general manager is unable to move a player, then the head coach has to determine who... Read more »

Let's all get it off our chests as the Blackhawks soar toward first 50-win regular season

The Blackhawks are sitting pretty: be it in lush limos (and I do mean lush, as in sloppy drunk with eyes aglow), with the lavender ladies of lore (a neverending brigade with which athletes have done battle through many a year and often lost more than their shirts) or in the luxuriant lap and cozy... Read more »