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Olczyk names Andrew Ladd as Blackhawks player team will miss most

Ed Olczyk didn’t mince words when asked in a live appearance Friday morning on the NBC Chicago newscast which of the capsized Blackhawks thrown overboard to save the top-heavy financial ship would be missed the most. “Andrew Ladd,” he said. Not a name too familiar to all those late-arriving Blackhawks fans who leaped onto the... Read more »

Vote now for ex-Blackhawks you will miss most during next season

Since Jonathan Toews and Miley Cyrus are wedded on You Tube by her stammering performance at a dumb music awards show after the season, where she lost track of her prompts of what to recite–and left Toews at loose ends with those deft hands playing pocket pool with his mouth on mute while Miley muttered–we... Read more »

Sunny Beach should be in Blackhawks picture, but forecast is fuzzy with chance of rain

Sounds to me as if Kyle Beach needs some love. Just two years ago, the Blackhawks selected him 11th overall in the NHL draft. And the love showered down upon him–after the usual caveats, of course. “There are questions about his skating and Beach did see his production drop off in  the second half of... Read more »

Byfuglien fan says Blackhawks got it all wrong, that he was part of unbreakable core

As noted by Emily Dickinson, aka the Massachusetts Mauler, who teams on the dead poet’s society with Don Cherry for the keenest, plaidest crew of hockey analysts extant in perpetuity: “Parting is all we know of heaven and all we need to know of hell.” Dustin Byfuglien fans are suffering the sting of seperation, and... Read more »

Byfuglien is first casualty of Blackhawks cap crunch

  It will take the Chicago Blackhawks about 10 months to determine if they’ll miss Dustin Byfuglien. Say what you will about the big lug (and I’ve said plenty), but the impact of Byfuglien’s removal from the Stanley Cup champions won’t be felt until the Blackhawks meet the Vancouver Canucks in the second round of... Read more »

Sharp, Byfuglien won't be traded as Blackhawks start to play money ball

Patrick Sharp is too valuable to trade. There, I said it. Sharp will be back with the Blackhawks for 2010-11. My son, Mark, may give me a lively argument. He has traded Sharp before. Maybe I did, too. Can’t remember all my past landmark deals that fell through. I know Sharp is back as the... Read more »

The day the earth stood still as rocketman Kane took us to the moon

There were July 4th fireworks on June 9 in LaGrange, my hometown. There is a new calendar in town and it could last a Kane’s age. Probably the same for you anywhere else in Chicagoland, where the night sky saw a strange comet in the shape of a feathered headdress that is apt to streak... Read more »

Kane OT goal wins Blackhawks Stanley Cup

  Patrick Kane sped past Kimmo Timonen down the left side of the zone sending a shot skidding across the ice surface and through Flyers goalie Michael Leighton’s legs as he hugged the near post for a Blackhawks overtime Stanley Cup game winner.  For a few moments, only Kane knew he had ended Chicago’s 49-year... Read more »

Jesus had 33 miracles; Blackhawks' 33 is close to walking on water for his 1st--Amen!

Dustin Byfuglien is the antihero of these Stanley Cup finals. He is an ordinary man (many times an ordinary player) thrust into extraordinary circumstances, able to capture and hold the imagination of fans who are smitten with his Paul Bunyan size and his Gary Cooper soft-spoken, aw-shucks nature. Bunyan may have had the first blue... Read more »

Brilliant first period lifts Blackhawks to 3-2 series lead

  The Chicago Blackhawks are one win from their first Stanley Cup in 49 years after they beat the Philadelphia Flyers 7-4 behind an opening 20 minutes which was the clubs’ best period of the year.  It was the biggest game in the history of the Original Six franchise since the Game 7 loss to... Read more »