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A new season, a new blogmeister, but same old championship run for Blackhawks

As Marian Hossa said, everyone has to be ready for a new start this season. Don’t live in the past. Of course, when you have $100 million marinating in the bank account, espousing a bright future isn’t a philosophy, it’s a cash-and-carry necessity. Since Blackhawks Confidential has always tried to toe the party line, so... Read more »

Quenneville to win 2011 Jack Adams Award as Best NHL Coach--I bet

Considering that it’s outlandish, irresponsible and crazy to make any predictions about what will happen almost a year from now, I’m happy to oblige. Nuts R Us. Joel Quenneville starts the 2010-11 NHL season as the favorite to claim the Jack Adams Award as the best coach in the league. In fact, I say he... Read more »

Blackhawks still face a possible collision course with Detroit

So let’s get down to it. Do the Blackhawks want to face the Detroit Red Wings in the first round of the playoffs or the second? C’mon, a yes or no answer? No mutiple choices this time. Only I am permitted to stammer, a defect from being born a deficient sportswriter. I guess that is... Read more »

Niemi, Sharp spur Blackhawks to a NBC shootout win over Detroit 4-3

So much good. So much bad. Let’s start at the beginning and lay this out like a road map, because we know this story will finish well with a 4-3 Chicago win Sunday on NBC-TV from Patrick Sharp’s shootout score. The first three periods were a roller coaster. The Blackhawks went up-and-down with four straight power... Read more »

Starting Sunday, Blackhawks have to make NBC stand for Nothing But Chicago

I imagine this country can never get enough of Blackhawks-Red Wings. So we should see them face the nation on 3 of the next 13 Sundays on NBC, beginning this Sunday with the game at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. First, a head bow at church to loosen the torso. Then a cross-check to the... Read more »

The time has come for the Blackhawks to show the dead Wings who's the boss

The Blackhawks are taking bold steps forward this season. But would you feel differently if somehow the Detroit Red Wings figured a way to beat them twice before Christmas? What about a split with the Wings? That would leave a bad taste, too, and sour the holiday eggnog, as well. The Hawks aren’t going to win... Read more »

Losing isn't everything; let's give peace a chance with Hawks, Huet

If President Obama can win the Nobel Peace Prize, so can I. I’m sociopathic rather than a socialist, but that shouldn’t disqualify me. That was a pretty nice 3-2 loss for the Blackhawks Thursday night in Detroit. No, I mean it. I’m serious here. Some encouraging stuff overall. Don’t be making faces at me. I... Read more »

Blackhawks to undergo DNA testing Thursday in Detroit

Important hockey games aren’t played in October. Except for Thursday night at Joe Louis Arena, where the neverending fight resumes. Not since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, when we practiced hiding underneath school desks to avoid the dangers of a nuke crashing through the window and rearranging our chromosomes, has Chicago confronted a bigger test... Read more »

Blackhawks Cup talk is fools gold, drop the puke and just play

My grumpy old man season preview for the Blackhawks won’t take long. No lists. No math. No solace. I’ll make it short and sour. Shut up already, all you dumb bastards. Shut up about the Stanley Cup finals being within reach. Shut up about One Goal. Shut up about Cup or Bust. Once again, the... Read more »

Bloggers help Blackhawks finish second to Montreal in tight race

How significant is the online community? Well, very significant to the online community. We hold ourselves in the highest esteem. Thank you for asking. No autographs, please, I’m too busy. Getting mentioned anywhere in the blogosphere is seen as high praise. If a tree falls in the forest and no one else can hear it,... Read more »