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It's Holy Shit Week on Blackhawks' calendar--start praying with passion

In times of personal crisis and unspeakable terror and nuclear rainfall such as this, I always ask myself: WWMD. What Would Mike Do? No, not me. I’m talking here about that other Warped Weapon of Mass Destruction–Mad Mike Keenan. We could always throw Denis Savard out of the team hotel, as Keenan once did during... Read more »

As Blackhawks bandwagon gets crowded, the high and the mighty chime in from afar

The time has come to introduce some distinguished critics to Blackhawks Confidential to analzye what’s shaping up to be a season where everyone thinks they’re experts. Many Hawks fans have fallen off the wagon more times than they can count, so I guess we should start worrying how soon the new bandwagon riders will feel... Read more »

Kane will have Blackhawks first 100-point season since Roenick in '94

Patrick Kane is on pace for a 164-point season. Not too bad, and every reason to take a limo wherever he goes, even if it’s to the 7-11 for a slurpee. Of course, he may get better since we are only two games into the season. In which case his current 2 points a game... Read more »

Kane says Blackhawk stars aligned differently under Q than Savard

We will soon be approaching the one-year anniversary of Denis Savard’s firing as Blackhawks coach just four games into last season. Let’s examine its significance.Was it necessary? Was it an unqualified success certain to bear fruit beyond one season?Patrick Kane, a staunch Savard supporter, seemed to indicate one of the benefits by saying that, unlike... Read more »

Quenneville ready to be crowned king of Chicago coaches

Whether managing or coaching professional teams, the ringleader in charge of the circus must be part psychologist and part psychiatrist, part optimist and part realist, part sympathetic teacher and part kick-ass motivator, part truant officer and part carefree bon vivant, part all-seeing and part blind, part crazy and part refined.Or you could be like Lou... Read more »

Roenick's number is up: will Blackhawks hang him out to dry?

Denis Savard didn’t have to wait long at all to have his number 18 retired. The Blackhawks did it quickly after he finished playing with 473 goals, 865 assists. Slam dunk.That begs the question now of how long, if ever, before the Hawks consider the same honor appropriate for Jeremy Roenick’s uniform number of 27?... Read more »

Quenneville exudes Quality, Quantitative Presence in Quest

When the Blackhawks visit Pittsburgh on Dec. 5 to take on the defending champs, they really should insist on Bobby Hull being part of their traveling party. Especially after Hull indicated last weekend when interviewed on WGN-AM (720) from the Blackhawks convention that the Pittsburgh Penguins would have been no trouble at all for the Hawks... Read more »

Blackhawks convention celebrates Magnuson's spirit

It’s impossible to fire a Blackhawk. A real Blackhawk refuses to go just because he lost a job. And that’s not just the case with Denis Savard and Dale Tallon, who remain committed to the Indian and everything it stands for even after their controversial firings within the past year. Keith Magnuson was fired after... Read more »

Blackhawks Fire GM Dale Tallon

As first reported by Comcast’s Josh Mora, the Chicago Blackhawks have fired general manager Dale Tallon.  To no one’s surprise, his replacement will be Stan Bowman, son of Blackhawks’ senior advisor Scotty Bowman. Tallon’s dismissal was seen by many as inevitable and that it was only a matter of time.  The question still to be... Read more »

Tallon Destined For Same Fate As Savard

Existing in relative obscurity since being named the Chicago Blackhawks general manager in 2005, Dale Tallon helped resurrect a left for dead franchise.  With the club’s success this season, his job description has now changed – as well as his job security. After firing head coach Denis Savard four games into the 2008-09 campaign, Tallon called... Read more »