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McDonough explains "impulsive, reactionary" Tallon firing--and need for "calm" GM/VP

Finally, a subject I know something about. Acting smug. I return to a topic I’ve inflicted upon you previously, but am smug enough to do again. I have not won the Stanley Cup, but chances are if I did, I would be smug about it. So I have no problem with a tolerable amount of... Read more »

Blackhawks convention celebrates Magnuson's spirit

It’s impossible to fire a Blackhawk. A real Blackhawk refuses to go just because he lost a job. And that’s not just the case with Denis Savard and Dale Tallon, who remain committed to the Indian and everything it stands for even after their controversial firings within the past year. Keith Magnuson was fired after... Read more »

Havlat tries to stir up Blackhawks fan revolt

Martin Havlat finally got all the pent-up emotion off his chest in an interview with The Sports Network’s Darren Dreger. The hopping-mad Czech went from Twittering a few teasing innuendoes to thumping John McDonough over the head as hard as he could, trying to start an Indian uprising on West Madison Street. His outburst came... Read more »

Tallon wins consolation prize of media opinion

Another day, another Blackhawk headline.  One must always remember that Chicago Blackhawks’ team president John McDonough’s background is in marketing.  He sure knows how to keep his team in the forefront.  He also knows how to spin a good tale. Judging from both national and local media reaction,  nobody is buying into the idea that... Read more »

Blackhawks become the smartest guys in the room

Sources revealed to me Tuesday night that National Hockey League teams apparently will still try to outshoot, outscore, outhit, outhustle, outskate, outmuscle, outsave and outshine the Blackhawks next season. But if they try to outthink them, then I fear they’re lost. Pity the poor dopes that truly think they ever can be intellectually on a par with president John McDonough’s... Read more »

McDonough and Bowmans have a summer wedding

It took less than two months to prove that Blackhawks president John McDonough might not always mean what he says. Shocking, I know, but please try not to faint on me here. What about the rumors that you and Dale Tallon have conflicts and he could be replaced as general manager? “There is no reason... Read more »

Blackhawks Fire GM Dale Tallon

As first reported by Comcast’s Josh Mora, the Chicago Blackhawks have fired general manager Dale Tallon.  To no one’s surprise, his replacement will be Stan Bowman, son of Blackhawks’ senior advisor Scotty Bowman. Tallon’s dismissal was seen by many as inevitable and that it was only a matter of time.  The question still to be... Read more »

Hawks must explain why Huet is trustworthy

The Blackhawks, even as they emerge as paper tigers among the NHL elite, will nonetheless be on trial next weekend at their fan convention. As promising as their future appears for 2009-10, especially with the addition of high-scoring forward Marian Hossa, they will be asked to present indisputable evidence that shows Cristobal Huet is their... Read more »

Versteeg joins Hawks pot-of-gold team

Remember the good ol’ days when fans used to rip the Blackhawks for spending too little money. Now, suddenly, the concern and fearful frets being voiced in Chicago puckdom are that the Hawks are spending too much. How the hell are they going to afford all this? Where does this excess end? How are these... Read more »

Hawks, Versteeg agree on new contract

As reported by Chris Kuc at the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Blackhawks have agreed to terms with restricted free agent Kris Versteeg.  The deal is believed to be worth $9.25 million over three years, a carbon copy of the contract signed by Cam Barker yesterday. Both players agreed to new contracts shortly after the NHLPA... Read more »