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Olczyk names Andrew Ladd as Blackhawks player team will miss most

Ed Olczyk didn’t mince words when asked in a live appearance Friday morning on the NBC Chicago newscast which of the capsized Blackhawks thrown overboard to save the top-heavy financial ship would be missed the most. “Andrew Ladd,” he said. Not a name too familiar to all those late-arriving Blackhawks fans who leaped onto the... Read more »

Vote now for ex-Blackhawks you will miss most during next season

Since Jonathan Toews and Miley Cyrus are wedded on You Tube by her stammering performance at a dumb music awards show after the season, where she lost track of her prompts of what to recite–and left Toews at loose ends with those deft hands playing pocket pool with his mouth on mute while Miley muttered–we... Read more »

Blackhawks won right for us to trust a few laddies can replace a Ladd or two

Is it safe to come out yet? My bald head is sensitive to plummeting concrete and hand grenades, so I have tried to remain out of the line of fire in a dark, cozy bar until we can assess the total damage here and determine if I should alert us all to DEFCON 1, 2,... Read more »

Blackhawks, Ladd debate meaning of cowardice with Vancouver and dole out a spanking 6-3

All those people who tuned in and turned on to the Olympic goal medal game should have been watching Friday night’s first period at United Center. The Blackhawks deserved their attention. It was really better than Team Canada-Team USA for my money. There was classic hockey and flashy hockey and griity hockey and smart hockey... Read more »

NHL network anaylst says Ladd's head blow worthy of suspension; will NHL act?

Don’t be so certain that the NHL is going to blindly overlook Andrew Ladd’s controversial shoulder slam against Montreal’s Matt D’Agostini last Friday at United Center. Assurances from the Blackhawks that a suspension isn’t expected are worth as much as my stock market tips. The New York Times’ Stu Hackel this morning gives the entire... Read more »

Blackhawks top Avalanche in OT shootout

Andrew Ladd celebrates gamewinner Andrew Ladd scored in the ninth round of the overtime shootout to lift the Chicago Blackhawks to victory over the pesky Colorado Avalanche 4-3.  The Hawks’ home opener featured a little bit of everything and sent the nervous United Center crowd home happy. It wasn’t always pretty, but the Blackhawks gained... Read more »

Blackhawk Notebook: Without A Full Boat, Hawks Could Fold

As if the challenge of the Detroit Red Wings wasn’t enough with all hands on deck, the Chicago Blackhawks may now have to face their hated rivals without two of their cornerstone players.  These circumstances alone could be enough to squash the young upstarts’ Stanley Cup dreams. Nikolai Khabibulin’s injury/illness is a best guess scenario. ... Read more »