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Marathon man Keith needs one goal (and a few pluses) for Blackhawks to win

Duncan Keith was the Blackhawks’ second leading scorer during the regular season, but has never scored a postseason goal in the NHL. Does that compute to feeling confident that this postseason is far from over and the hounds of hell will be unleashed for Game 2 Sunday night? In 18 playoff games, the Norris Trophy-contending... Read more »

Lucky bounces complicate matters for Blackhawks in 4-1 loss to Nashville

OK, class, settle down. Do we have everybody’s attention after taking this spitball to the face Friday night? So much for the Blackhawks’ home crowd being the loudest in the NHL. At the end of this 4-1 loss to Nashville, they were one of the quietest crowds in NHL history. Another myth blown to smithereens.... Read more »

Who's the Blackhawks' playoff party crasher? Brouwer, Kopecky, Fraser, Byfuglien or TBA

Who’s going to win the Blackhawks’ party crasher award in the playoffs? I mean a guy from the fringes of the team that comes rolling along and makes a difference that embellishes his reputation forever, because he arrives in grand style on an even bigger stage than he has ever drawn notice or spoken any... Read more »

Bill Wirtz follows Earl Woods and speaks to Rocky from grave: also about hookers and money

In heaven, they asked Bill Wirtz if he would be the next father to step to the big microphone in the clouds and cut a haunting, resonant commercial for his son. They liked the concept of a sequel to Tiger looking like he had lost his new, best porn friend and was in danger of... Read more »

Keith puts golden reputation on the line, needs his first great playoffs

He gets a lot of praise, and rightfully so. He likely will be proclaimed this summer as the National Hockey League’s best defenseman when he is awarded the Norris Trophy. And it will all ring hollow unless Duncan Keith makes a name for himself in a single postseason, an honor he has yet to come... Read more »

All signs point to Blackhawks beating Nashville in first round series

Since the Blackhawks have beaten the Nashville Predators four of six games this season, I see no reason why they shouldn’t overcome the patient, plugging Preds in the first round of the NHL playoffs, beginning this week. After all, let’s be honest here, folks, if the Hawks can’t eject Nashville, they don’t deserve to go... Read more »

Blackhawks power play still may be the unwanted playoff party pooper

I hate to interrupt this Blackhawks’ weekend of celebration with a nagging question. Chicago has waited a long time to have a season that didn’t end up in the obituary section, often dead and laid to rest before the playoffs began, and we should be focusing heartily on being the life of this party for a change and... Read more »

Blackhawks-L. A. Kings playoff matchup seems best and shortest way to go

The best scenario of all in the final week of the Blackhawks regular season would be for the Calgary Flames to overtake the Colorado Avalanche for the last playoff spot in the West, while the Blackhawks pass San Jose, win the conference and open the postseason against a Flames’ team they have dominated for two... Read more »

Kane needs to have a Slumpbuster Sunday and a Superman finish

I don’t usually write on Saturdays, but I’m here with a special public service announcement. Get to bed early Saturday night. Crazy uncle Mike knows best. It’s Blackhawks Savings Time and we can’t waste an hour. There is always a time to lock the liquor cabinet with an eye toward future headiness. You must occasionally ration... Read more »

Niemi, Toews pull a win out of the hat in New Jersey with a great magic act

Let’s look at it this way, because you can spin this diamond in the rough around and perceive it from a lot of different angles–some of them less than sparkling and some of them rough as a corncob when you cut right to the core. This was playoff-style hockey, tight, patient and deliberate hockey where big moves are often... Read more »