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McDonough explains "impulsive, reactionary" Tallon firing--and need for "calm" GM/VP

Finally, a subject I know something about. Acting smug. I return to a topic I’ve inflicted upon you previously, but am smug enough to do again. I have not won the Stanley Cup, but chances are if I did, I would be smug about it. So I have no problem with a tolerable amount of... Read more »

Blackhawks should be strengthened by not being picked to win again

I expect a large number of publications in the next few weeks will predict that the Blackhawks won’t be a repeat winner of the Stanley Cup. The forced reassembling of the roster to accommodate the salary cap will be widely viewed as a sign of weakness. How should the team react to that preseason downgrade?... Read more »

Quenneville to win 2011 Jack Adams Award as Best NHL Coach--I bet

Considering that it’s outlandish, irresponsible and crazy to make any predictions about what will happen almost a year from now, I’m happy to oblige. Nuts R Us. Joel Quenneville starts the 2010-11 NHL season as the favorite to claim the Jack Adams Award as the best coach in the league. In fact, I say he... Read more »

Blackhawks president McDonough has blood on his hands with Sosa--me, too

Here’s some Chicago Tribune breaking news for you, just lost and loitering on ice in the frosty hinterlands of our far-flung Tribune world. Chances are, you don’t care about it. But I’m cleaning out my closet and thought I would throw a few musty things away and twist it toward the Blackhawks so I have... Read more »

New Blackhawks fan favorite arrives anonymously from Edmonton wilderness

August in Chicago is not conducive to Stanley Cup dreams. Those thoughts are microwaved into ambiguity by endless streams of humidity that are more oppressive than sneers from Chris Pronger and certain Detroit Red Wings bloggers we know and abhor 12 months a year, 24 hours a day, 60 seconds a minute. So in fear that you... Read more »

Vote now for ex-Blackhawks you will miss most during next season

Since Jonathan Toews and Miley Cyrus are wedded on You Tube by her stammering performance at a dumb music awards show after the season, where she lost track of her prompts of what to recite–and left Toews at loose ends with those deft hands playing pocket pool with his mouth on mute while Miley muttered–we... Read more »

Niemi, Huet face tragic balcony scene Friday at Blackhawks convention

Niemi, Huet face tragic balcony scene Friday at Blackhawks convention
I’m flipping through my Emily Post etiquette book and I can’t find it anywhere. What exactly is the proper response for Antti Niemi to take if he has one foot inside this Blackhawks’ house and one foot out the door? Techincally, he might still be a Blackhawk. Realistically, if speculation holds true, he may not... Read more »

Blackhawks need less celebrating, more reassembling of what's left behind

We could use a Black Jack offspring for the Blackhawks convention this weekend. Black Jack was the most famous riderless horse for military funerals, poignantly representing the valiantly fallen and the missing. There should be hockey sticks instead of boots turned backwards in the stirrups and a bottle of Jagermeister’s finest emptily hanging from the... Read more »

Niemi's agent prefers "negotiated settlement" to arbitration--and talks "trade"

Bill Zito, Antti Niemi’s agent, said on The Score (AM-670) Wednesday morning that he preferred not going to an arbitration hearing July 29 with the Blackhawks. “I always think a negotiated settlement is best,” Zito told morning hosts Mike Mulligan and Brian Hanley. “We have a pretty good case, but there is always a risk.... Read more »

Niemi gets little love as Blackhawks debate his net worth to a championship

I’m bored. Aren’t you? I guess there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues. I see where GM Stan Bowman is still supposedly ferociously wheeling-and-dealing in the Blackhawks front office and I can’t stop myself from stifling a yawn. He is no Patrick Kane when it comes to holding a guy’s attention. He reminds me... Read more »