Let's Get Physical....

It's about time get that bandwagon rolling again here at Blackhawks Confidential.  Sorry for the absence of late folks, work and other things have pulled me away from one of the things I enjoy most, writing about the Blackhawks.  But it's never too late for a New Years Resolution so here's my promise to stay with you guys to the best of my ability as the Blackhawks go for a repeat.

The new year has to some extent replenished my optimism on the Hawks.  I realize Sunday's 5-0 victory came at the expense of a lowly Islanders team but confidence boosters are very welcome right now in a tightly packed Western Conference.

It's nice to finally begin to see the Patrick Kane I drafted with my first pick in my fantasy hockey draft.  His passing and vision seem to be coming back.  For the first time in a long time I have seen the drop passes and saucer passes across the ice that impress me most about Kane.  He is showing signs of being primed to go on about a 25 game point streak.

Continuing on the "coming back to form" subject, hopefully his 3 point performance will help turn Marian Hossa back into the point per game player he was when this season kicked off.

But that's enough core review, I've done plenty of that this season.  Today the thing on my mind is physicality.

When this season began I was anticipating seeing a more rugged Hawks team than the Cup Champs of 2010.  Scott was signed, Bickell, Brouwer, Dowell, Boynton, etc.  I thought fighting and physicality were going to become the standard at the United Center.

How wrong I've been.  The Hawks play the softest hockey in the NHL.  I figured everyone was going to be trying to emulate the grittiness of Andrew Ladd.  But instead we've turned into a team of Brian Campbells. 

I give Skille credit.  He throws his body around, he's just not big enough to make an impact.  And Seabrook has been better of late (9 hits against Dallas I think) but his increase in physical play has most likely come out of frustration over his horrible defens.

Maybe I'm making something out of nothing but being in attendance at some recent games has made this observation glare out at me.  Big hits change games.  They change momentum, they get adrenaline pumping, they motivate individuals to put forth more effort.  The Hawks have the personnel to do it, they have just cowered away from the physical portion of the game.

Hopefully that begins to change as each and every game becomes more and more important.

That's all I got for now, see you after Colorado!



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  • You're dead on Paul. There's very little hitting going on. A forecheck with contact would go a long way toward forcing a turnover. And I wouldn't mind a little pain given to an opponent near Crawford by a D. Combine hitting with the Hawks speed and the opponent will not only slow down their game but, will open the ice for the skill guys.

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