A Weekend Gone Bad

What a weekend to be a Chicago sports fan! A Saturday afternoon Hawks victory over the Red Wings paired with an evening win from the Bulls set up what could have been one of the best Sundays in Chicago sports in a long time. Unfortunately the carry over into Sunday's matchups only lasted one period.  After a solid start to a meaningful matchup against Philadelphia, the Hawks were outworked and overmatched by the Flyers in their first meeting since last years Stanley Cup finals.

For once I can't say that I'm upset with the Hawks effort.  I don't think the score accurately reflects the chances and how close the game really was. In the second and third nothing could make it through to the net.  Every shot (some of which were very good looks) hit a skate or a leg along the way.  And when a shot did make it through Bob looked like Omar Vizquel with the glove.

There were only a couple things that got my blood boiling against Philly. The penalties called on Hjalmarsson (Interference) and Brouwer (Tripping) were two of the worst I have seen in a while.  Both were plays that happen 10-15 times in every hockey game.  But since a body hit the ice it's suddenly a penalty.  There's literally interference every time two guys approach the boards in pursuit of a puck.  Why it's okay when no one falls is beyond my understanding.

And the other disappointment was Duncan Keith passing up a wide open look in the slot and ruining the play by trying to force a pass.

Outside of that you just have to chalk it up to the Flyers being a top tier NHL team.  Giroux and Carter dazzled; that saucer pass batted out of mid-air was a thing of beauty.

As I sit here today and reflect on yesterday it makes me quite depressed. One because we lost and two because it reminds me of last year's team. Just imagine what we'd be blogging about if the Hawks had a roster carry over similar to the Flyers from last year. But there's no value in thinking of "what if?" So I guess I'll just sit back and let my excitement begin to build for the chance to watch Jack SKille and Fernando Pisani tomorrow.

Oh and one last thing, the Bears are certainly what anyone who knows anything about football "thought they were."  I'm not casting any judgements because I don't care that much about football. But watching Jay Cutler mope around on the sidelines with that dumb look on his face kept reminding me of Duncan Keith.  Remember when he got 7 teeth knocked out of his mouth and cried and sat in the locker room? Yea...I don't either.  


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