Money remains the root of all evil as Blackhawks cap and trade


Since it's my day to focus on master manipulators, I have to move on from goosing John McDonough to praising Windy City Hockey for its deft way with photoshopping. With the salary cap Apocalypse almost upon us, enjoy their imaginative work. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what the hell am I doing, anyway?


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  • Blackhawks need to find a team to move Brian Campbell to by eating some of his outrageous salary. No team will take on his 7M salary but probably would at 3 or 4. A package of players including Campbell to another team would free up salary money for the rest of the core of this team..... not just Kane, Toews, and Keith. Otherwise, you'll see the Hawks trading Sharp or Versteeg at the deadline.... and we certainly don't want that.

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