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Summer Round-up

Summer is a tough time for a hockey blogger. Sure, there’s the draft and free agency, but it’s nothing like the playoffs or even regular season. I don’t make a bowl of popcorn and sit down in front of the TV to watch it. So this post is going to be my take on what’s... Read more »

With the Hawks gone, who should you cheer for in the Final? Rangers or Kings?

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write this post, but it’s something we unfortunately have to think about whenever the Blackhawks exit the playoffs. We’ve been pretty lucky that it’s been rare the last few years, but now it’s time once again to watch a Hawks-less final. So here’s your guide to who to... Read more »

Hawks lose to Penguins, Milbury still an idiot

I called it, again. A few weeks ago I made a list of games for the Blackhawks to watch out for. One I circled on the calendar was last night’s game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. I said that the Penguins would be bitter after their embarrassing blowout at soldier field in which they rarely registered... Read more »

Hawks fall in Standings with Loss to Aves

I called it on Monday. I said that this would be a big game. If only the Blackhawks would read my blog and pay attention to it, since I’m the obvious expert here (ha). Ok, maybe not. But sometimes it seems like there are some things that are such obvious answers on how to win... Read more »