How Hockey Players Get in Shape

When you think of what constitutes a great athlete, your mind likely jumps to a physical freak like the NBA’s LeBron James or NFL’s Cam Newton, even swimming sensation Michael Phelps. However, would you believe that some of the world’s best athletes play in the NHL? Hockey players are some of the most talented athletes... Read more »

Chicago’s OTHER Sports Teams

This is a Blackhawks blog, so obviously we think they’re #1. They act like #1 too, having won the Stanley Cup three times in the last seven years. This year, the major talk has been of the Chicago Cubs are, since they won their first World Series in over 100 years, breaking the longest title... Read more »

What the Stanley Cup Final Does for Youth Hockey

I did not grow up in Canada. In fact, I haven’t even had the good fortune to journey to our great northern neighbors for a quick visit. But judging by Nike commercials and generalities I’ve heard second-hand – which of course is the preferred method for forming ideas about any country – Canadians are born... Read more »

Domestic Abuse, hockey, and more.

We are officially ONE MONTH AWAY from the start of the hockey season! Yes! Finally! This, for me, also means that we’re officially one month away from the birth of our child. It seems like just yesterday we found out about it, and October 10 seemed like light years away. But now the nursery is... Read more »

Other teams coming to the NHL? More Summer Notes

We’re a few days away from September, so hockey season is getting closer. And as usual, the end of August brings out some weird hockey stories. Because, of course, there’s really nothing going on. Still, it was a bit shocking to hear yesterday that apparently it’s a “done deal” to have Las Vegas join the... Read more »

The 8 2014-2015 Blackhawks games you CAN’T miss

Guys… it’s ALMOST August. Which means it’s almost September, which means it’s almost October and time for hockey. Ok, that’s a bit of a stretch, but we’re pretty close to the point where there’s only one more month between us and the season starting. It can’t come soon enough. The World Cup is over, football... Read more »

How they make ice for hockey

One thing we often take for granted in our great sport of ice hockey is the actual ice itself. It’s what sets hockey apart from any other major sport, and yet if you’re like me, you don’t know a whole lot about it. That is, until now. My brother works at the local ice complex.... Read more »

Fake NHL Headlines – Offseason Edition

Sidney Crosby gets wrist massage, calls it “surgery” It was announced this morning that Sidney Crosby is getting “extremely minor surgery” on his wrist in attempt to explain why he sucked in the playoffs. Sources close to him said he was really just redeeming a gift card for a massage at a day spa, but... Read more »

Summer Round-up

Summer is a tough time for a hockey blogger. Sure, there’s the draft and free agency, but it’s nothing like the playoffs or even regular season. I don’t make a bowl of popcorn and sit down in front of the TV to watch it. So this post is going to be my take on what’s... Read more »

How to Host a Stanley Cup Viewing Party

A win by the Rangers in game 4 really changed everything. All of a sudden, game 5 is now must see TV. It’s the perfect storm for greatness: If the Kings win, they win the Cup on home ice and have a massive celebration. If the Rangers win, all of a sudden we have a... Read more »