About Blackhawk Nation

About Blackhawk Nation

Hello! My name is Scott Huntington and I'm obsessed with the Blackhawks. Obsessed, as in, I'm working on doing this for my own living room:

So first of all, why did I call this Blackhawk Nation? Because Blackhawk fans, like me, are all over the country.

I grew up in the Land of Lincoln, just outside of Chicago. I was born and raised on Chicago sports, and have fond memories of Jordan dominating with the Bulls and Sosa blasting home runs with the Cubs. And of course, I loved the Hawks.

Life has plenty of twists and turns, and through a series of crazy events I ended up in Pennsylvania, working for CJ Pony Parts, a Mustang parts retailer. I'm right in the middle between Penguins, Flyers, and Capitals fans. However, being out here has taught me one thing: Blackhawks fans are everywhere. Every time I attend a game, no matter where, there are Hawks fans all over the place. I'll see them at the sports bars, on the streets, and in the stands. We'll smile and give each other a nod as we pass. We'll stop at chat for a bit, usually about if we're actually from Chicago or just a fan. I've found there's a pretty good mix of both, but it's easier to bond with the ones who are familiar with the greatest city in the world. Especially if it's "cold" out here, we'll joke about how it doesn't even compare to the frigged wind coming off of Lake Michigan.

Of course, every once in awhile we'll catch some flack. I was in D.C. for a Hawks/Caps preseason game and was wondering around the city before puck drop in a Patrick Kane jersey. A young woman came up to me and said "Excuse me, are you lost?" She sold it well and I was very confused until she said "Chicago is that way!" pointing off to the distance. I laughed and quickly responded, "So is the Stanley Cup!" Several Blackhawks fans around me heard and started laughing at her as she walked away.

This is Blackhawk Nation. We have fans everywhere. I don't need to be living in Chicago to be a fan, although I dearly miss it. I'll be using this site to blog about the Hawks. From game recaps, to opinions, to trade rumors, and everything in between. I hope you enjoy, and I hope to see you again soon, Chicago.

the bean