How to Host a Stanley Cup Viewing Party

A win by the Rangers in game 4 really changed everything. All of a sudden, game 5 is now must see TV. It’s the perfect storm for greatness:

  • If the Kings win, they win the Cup on home ice and have a massive celebration.
  • If the Rangers win, all of a sudden we have a real series and a chance at the “reverse sweep.” All of a sudden the Kings are under huge pressure to win in game 6, and we start to hear the word “choke” go around. Plus, the Rangers winning game 5 would send them back to home ice as well.
  • It’s on NBC instead of NBCSN, so more people have access to it. I had to watch games three and four on a junky internet feed. I think it’s awful that there could have been a Cup winner and it wouldn’t have been nationally televised, but that’s another rant for another time.
  • It’s Friday night! Perfect time to stay up late and party.

So invite some friends, get some food, and have a SCF party for game 5 Friday night.

The Food

Cup pretzel

This is where you can really go all out to impress your friends. The easy thing to do is make burgers and call them “hockey pucks” but come on, you can do better than that. How about a Stanley Cup Pretzel  or hockey puck ding dongs. You can also dye a cake to match the colors of your team. I personally love using a Dutch over to make awesome fondue that you can dip Stanley Cup Oreos into. The Oreos look like little hockey pucks so that’s an added bonus.

For drinks, I’m sure you don’t need my help, but you should totally make Stanley Cups for everyone to drink out of. Get it?

cup stanley

The Fun

Who doesn’t love a good drinking game? There’s this one but it has ridiculous things like drinking for every offside and faceoff. I’d suggest making your own.

You can also play Doc Emrick Bingo, which gives you a point for every odd synonym Doc uses for the word “pass.” Although, you’ll probably all have Bingo within 10 minutes.


Pick ‘em Contests and Bets

There are so many fun things to bet on and pick. Have everyone pick a player and give them a point each time that player gets a goal, or bet on:

  • Time of first goal
  • Time of first penalty
  • Type of first penalty
  • Final score
  • Total number of goals
  • Goal differential
  • Number of power play goals
  • Time of pulled goalie

Use the Price Is Right rules of “closest without going over” to make it fair.

The Game

Have fun, but make sure you actually watch the game! It could be the last hockey until October, sadly. I predict the Kings to come out strong and take an early lead, then to have Quick backstop a close game that will involve a pulled goalie scramble where the Rangers come up just short. Get ready for a lot of crazy bounces and lucky goals, and some amazing saves on both sides. The crowd will be insane, and hopefully the game will live up to the hype.

Have a great party!

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