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First of all, I know the Blackhawks play tonight against the Devils. It should be a great game, with the Stars trying to do everything they can to make it into the playoffs. They’re one point out right now, so they’ll be giving all they have against the Hawks. But tonight I’m going to look ahead to Thursday, when we see a clash of the titans. Chicago at Boston.

 Boston Bruins

For the first time in a very long time, an East Coast team is leading the league in points. The Ducks had dominated the top spot for a while until the Blues took over.  However, Boston put together an impressive string of 12 wins, and still got a point in last night’s shootout loss to Montreal, giving them a league high 104.  They’re hot right now, and will be a tough team for Chicago to face.

As you may know, I follow the Blackhawks from the East Coast. I ended up here after living in Illinois and eventually moving here for my job. The Bruins have a special place in my heart, since I spent a day of my honeymoon in Boston during the Finals when they won the cup. It was a great city and incredible atmosphere. We got a couple shirts to remember the day and had a blast watching them own Vancouver.

bruins cup

While I don’t normally “cheer” for them, I don’t dislike them and I’ll keep pretty good tabs on what they’re doing. So here’s what to expect on Thursday.

They’ll get under your skin

Brad Marchand is no fun to play against. He’ll take as many opportunists to get under your skin as possible. It’s best to play it cool and let him be the one to go too far and end up in the box. Chicago’s Power Play unit is 6th in the league and has a slight advantage over Boston Penalty Kill unit, ranked 9th.

It’s not just the players who will get under your skin, the crowd will do whatever they can as well. They’re loud, and they’re smart. If you ever give up a shorthanded goal in the TD Garden, you’ll never forget it. Just look at the picture on the home page of their website!


They’ll play hard all game

One thing I’ve learned from watching the Bruins is to watch every game to the end. It doesn’t matter how much they’re down by, they’ll play strong to the finish. Just think back to the playoffs last year against the Leafs. They were down 3 goals 49-minutes in, and scored with 10 minutes left to cut the lead to 2. Then in the final 90 seconds, Lucic scored, and 31 seconds later Bergeron tied it. He later scored the game-winner in overtime, sending Leafs fans straight into alcohol rehab. It wasn’t just this game though, the Bruins have had a number of last minute victories, including one this year against the Penguins.

If the Blackhawks want to win Thursdays game, they’re going to have to stay cool under pressure, stay out of the box, and keep going all out even if they have a lead.

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