How the Chicago Blackhawks Stay in Shape

Hockey is one of the most demanding sports around. Keeping your balance while other massive players jostle you on ice takes incredible core strength. If you want to knock that puck in for a goal, you need upper body power and leg speed, as well. How do the Chicago Blackhawks stay in shape? If you... Read more »

NHL Odds Are In...Where Do the Blackhawks Fall?

We’re still a few weeks away from the 2019-2020 NHL season’s opening on Oct. 2, but the first round of odds are starting to trickle in to give us an idea of what teams we should be looking out for this upcoming season. Now that the odds are in, where do the Blackhawks fall, and... Read more »

What Does Summer Look Like for the Blackhawks?

  Chicagoans agree: The 2019 season left a little to be desired from the perennial playoff competitor that is the Blackhawks. One of the “original six,” the beloved ‘Hawks are more than a sporting club to their fans — they’re a religion. That makes summer a critical time for training and recuperation. What, then, does... Read more »

Can Corey Crawford Stay Healthy?

As 2018 draws to a close, more than a few questions linger regarding Corey Crawford’s fitness to return and play for the Chicago Blackhawks. But probably the only ones that matter are these: How soon can he come back? And, will Crawford stay healthy this time? A Brief History of Crawford’s Injuries In a game... Read more »

NHL Looking to Make Big Bucks From Sports Gambling

The National Hockey League has signed a deal with MGM — the gambling giant and owner of the iconic MGM Grand Station in Las Vegas — that could open the doors for gambling on pro hockey games. MGM has forked over several hundred million dollars in exchange for a tremendous amount of data on teams... Read more »

How to Train Like a Blackhawk

The life of a Chicago Blackhawks player involves a rigid training regimen. The team practices in a new practice facility, which opened last year and features spacious training rooms and a large gym. Even if you don’t have a state-of-the-art training facility within your grasp, it’s possible to follow the training regimen of a Chicago... Read more »

How to Get Season Tickets for the Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks finished their last season at the bottom of the Central Division and are hoping the 2018-19 season goes better. Fans will pay a little more for the chance to see if this comes true. Ticket prices are going up an average of four percent next year. Blackhawk fans might not feel happy... Read more »

How Do the Blackhawks Train in the Offseason?

The Blackhawks didn’t make the playoffs this year, so it gave them some extra time to prepare for next season. Another positive thing about the extra time is that they got to make use of their new practice facility, which opened late last year. In addition to the two ice rinks, the new facility has... Read more »

How Can the Chicago Blackhawks Improve for Next Year?

Over the past decade, us Chicago Blackhawks fans have not been familiar with failure, or even mediocrity, for that matter. With three Stanley Cup championships since the 2009-10 season and a playoff appearance at the minimum each year, up until this disappointing season, the Blackhawks have been a perennial success. After a sudden and painful... Read more »

How the Blackhawks Help Promote Youth Hockey

Blackhawks hockey has risen in popularity around the Chicago area over the past decade. Part of the reason has been the major success of the hockey team spurring regional pride. 3 Stanley Cups in the last 7 years make quite the difference. This has given Chicago a rebirth as a hockey town once again. Bars... Read more »