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Untapped talent!!!

Greetings All, I pray that you all had a blessed Christmas & Awesome new year. I have not written a piece in a while I noticed o_0 (confused face again) however I wanted to send a blessing in 2014 to the new visionaries out there. We have made some excellent connections in 2013 and God... Read more »

"The devil is in the details"

If you think back to an old idiom that said “the devil is in the details”, it speaks to how sometimes vision can be interrupted through details. You can be a new entrepreneur, new parent, newly wed, it doesn’t matter your current status, when you are given an overall vision, the enemy (which is satan),... Read more »


I was reading EARLY this morning about 1. I was in the book of Psalm the 1st Chapter, and have read this passage to many times to remember but for some reason the light finally went off today (SLOW CLICK o_0). Versus 1-3 says Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of... Read more »

The Curious Visionary

I was reading a few articles on marketing just a few minutes ago and the thought came to me, as a visionary of a business or nonprofit organization, you are essentially an expert in your perspective field. You recognize the need, the opportunity and most of all the benefits of your help. Along with being... Read more »


I had the privilege of watching a round table conducted by Columbia University regarding the state of the “Black Church”. Intellectuals in the form of PhD’s and ministry leaders felt the need to get together and in my opinion banter on their ideologies of what church is. As I watched the video (click on the... Read more »

Social Justice

This week in our management class, we were focusing on social justice and global citizenship. Basically how organizations implement Corporate Social Justice (CSR) which is to have people at the forefront of your operations instead of increasing profit margins. Examples were given of the Iraq war or the events of September 11 but more so... Read more »

Love it or List it!!!

Ever checked out that show on HGTV love it or list it??? I am a HGTV fan and the reason I love this show in particular is because when the homeowners decide make a major change in their life regarding their house, often time they are unaware of how massive the undertaking can be. The... Read more »

Constructive Criticism!!!!

What is the definition of “Constructive Criticism”??? Where did it come from??? and Who should be authorized to give it???? I am the type of person that when i study, I do not only look up a definition in just one dictionary because often time, there can be a variation in words even in the... Read more »

Just a thought!!!

I was conducting some general research on leadership and came across this article that showed the differences in leadership based on one’s sex. It got my brain thinking and made me examine myself. As an entrepreneur, I am a leader in my perspective field (as are YOU) however it never came across my mind to... Read more »

Black youth are not lab specimen!!!!

I’m not a black activist or radical in the least. What disturbs me though is that leadership (including parents) often talk about youth in third person like they are some form of foreign species that needs to be contained and examined. I just turned 32yrs old on Saturday, so I am not considered to be... Read more »