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Untapped talent!!!

Greetings All, I pray that you all had a blessed Christmas & Awesome new year. I have not written a piece in a while I noticed o_0 (confused face again) however I wanted to send a blessing in 2014 to the new visionaries out there. We have made some excellent connections in 2013 and God... Read more »

"The devil is in the details"

If you think back to an old idiom that said “the devil is in the details”, it speaks to how sometimes vision can be interrupted through details. You can be a new entrepreneur, new parent, newly wed, it doesn’t matter your current status, when you are given an overall vision, the enemy (which is satan),... Read more »


I was reading EARLY this morning about 1. I was in the book of Psalm the 1st Chapter, and have read this passage to many times to remember but for some reason the light finally went off today (SLOW CLICK o_0). Versus 1-3 says Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of... Read more »

The Curious Visionary

I was reading a few articles on marketing just a few minutes ago and the thought came to me, as a visionary of a business or nonprofit organization, you are essentially an expert in your perspective field. You recognize the need, the opportunity and most of all the benefits of your help. Along with being... Read more »


I had the privilege of watching a round table conducted by Columbia University regarding the state of the “Black Church”. Intellectuals in the form of PhD’s and ministry leaders felt the need to get together and in my opinion banter on their ideologies of what church is. As I watched the video (click on the... Read more »

Constructive Criticism!!!!

What is the definition of “Constructive Criticism”??? Where did it come from??? and Who should be authorized to give it???? I am the type of person that when i study, I do not only look up a definition in just one dictionary because often time, there can be a variation in words even in the... Read more »


Around 2am this morning I was reading in the book of Daniel around the 3rd chapter where the king Nebuchadnezzar wanted everyone in the land to worship the golden image that he created and that anyone who failed to do so would be tossed into a fiery furnace. The classic account of the 3 Hebrew... Read more »

Whose side are you on anyway???

Normally we don’t dabble with political issues however after reading the headline in the Chicago Tribune this morning that said in huge letters “Food stamp cuts to hit 2 million Illinois residents today”, my heart instantly went out to those who depend on this resource to help feed their families. In the eyes of the... Read more »

I know who you are!!!

We had a new client meeting on today to introduce ourselves as well as our company. We met at a quaint restaurant on the south side of Chicago where the atmosphere was very relaxing. It was a nonprofit organization that was seeking help with their funding resources and solicited our services. We put together a... Read more »

Slow Click!!!!

Around 2 something this morning, Genesis the 22nd chapter was deemed my favorite passage of scripture. Now I have heard this passage preached 1000 times, 1000 ways but for some reason it did not “sink in” until today. God gave Abraham the challenge to go and sacrifice Isaac the son that he loved and was... Read more »