Constructive Criticism!!!!

What is the definition of "Constructive Criticism"??? Where did it come from??? and Who should be authorized to give it???? I am the type of person that when i study, I do not only look up a definition in just one dictionary because often time, there can be a variation in words even in the slightest of context. So I looked up the term "constructive criticism" and one dictionary said: A recommended set of instructions that aims to collaboratively improve the overall quality of a product or service. Often containing helpful and specific suggestions for positive change, constructive criticism is highly focused on a particular issue or set of issues, as opposed to providing general feedback on the item or organization as a whole. Another definition referred to it as; Constructive criticism is a communication technique intended to identify and find solutions to problems in a positive way. Anyone can use the strategy, although professionals can provide more thorough analysis in many cases. It usually applies to work a person does, or to an individual’s behavior. People respond to the method differently based on their own experiences, preferences and psychology, but a good, well-timed delivery can make a person more receptive to the message.

For some reason I woke up with this phrase in my mind and can't seem to let it go and I will tell you why. I am a third residency doctoral student and I am near the completion of my studies (THANK YOU JESUS) and this one particular class that I am in, it seems like the instructor always has some form of criticism for the work that I submit. I have not encountered this issue before in my previous courses so I told myself that since that classes are now upper level, maybe the expectations are greater, which could very well be true and that I should suck it up and take it. However then I thought about the term "constructive criticism", and if you are in a position of authority to where someone has to solicit your feedback, it is then easy to mask your advice with cruel and harsh words given the position that you have now adopted??

Some people entitle it as "keeping it real". I don't know how real it is to completely obliterate one who is in a vulnerable position through inflated feedback. All I know that when God allows me a chance to speak into the life of another person whether it is business related or not, my words will be selective. What are your thoughts or "constructive criticism"??? Comment and subscribe to our blog. We can also continue this conversation on Facebook via the group "The Visionary".

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