Kicking & Screaming!!!!!

I read a quote by the late great Steve Jobs that says "If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you." I thought that was one of the most profound business advice ever given. Venturing off into a new business is exciting but is not without it's challenges and one of the greatest challenges is not your capability but more so FEAR. As we often mention the current state of the job market, the economy and its instability, exploring who you are and what God has put inside of you is an act of faith because you are no longer in control.

There is safety in control. Why?? because you know what to expect, you know what is going to happen because you dictate it. I know before I resigned from my full time position in August of this year to start my business, people would ask me on my job "when are you quitting??" and my response would always be "when God gives me my walking papers" because I knew better than to go out on my own without his release or permission because then I would be walking into something without instruction and guidance. When the time came for me to leave my job, it was like God cornered me because I was on a "write up" already for taking to many sick days (so they say) and there was a situation with my car that was causing me to miss work again to where I had to call in. Before I called in, God told me "your faith is at the point of no return" because my supervisor told me that if I called in again, I could be terminated but I had a rapport with my supervisor to where I knew she would overlook the call off and give me another warning but I still would have been in disobedience to God to finally sever the ties with my job and take my business full time.

So after God dealt with me, he left the ball in my court and I called and said to my supervisor "I'm resigning from my position, so Friday will be my last day" she didn't say much and on August 28, I left the job that I had for 5 years to pursue the vision that God had given me. I can't say that it has not been without it's challenges however knowing that I obeyed God outweighs any apprehension that I had before. I encourage any aspiring entrepreneur out there, when its your time, to start walking some of that big talk, God will show you what you are really made of.

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