I know who you are!!!

We had a new client meeting on today to introduce ourselves as well as our company. We met at a quaint restaurant on the south side of Chicago where the atmosphere was very relaxing. It was a nonprofit organization that was seeking help with their funding resources and solicited our services. We put together a little informational packet for them and was prepared to present when out of no where the client says "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE" o_0 (shocked face). They told us that they did research on us prior to our meeting which was expected but the extent to which they conducted the research was surprising.

They researched our DBA (doing business as) information for our legitimacy to ensure that we were who we said. I was very surprised to which the client wanted to know about us. I am assuming it was the equivalent of a background check for a new employee on any job. They told us that they were disappointed with a previous financial professional that they worked with and wanted to make sure that they did not have that experience again. My advice to any entrepreneur is to GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER before you really go and market yourself because you never know who will actually take the time to research you.

It is one thing to have a hobby or talent, it is a completely different element when wanting to turn it into a business. We all know that girl on the "block" that can do hair without ever having been professionally trained, now it's time to take your talent off the block and become legit.

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