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Baby Jeremiah Michael: what did his mother do on Mother's Day?

As we all know Sunday was Mother’s Day and as I read all over my Facebook I smiled at all the posts about moms and their kids and grandmas and grandkids having a really beautiful day. I too had a really great day with my mom and my daughters. For many it was exactly the... Read more »

Baby Jonylah, goodnight sweet girl

Today was the funeral for Jonylah Watkins, the sweet baby girl murdered by a bullet, believed to be intended for her father, a convicted felon with alleged gang ties. (,0,4822134.story) The New Beginnings Church on S. King Drive was packed with broken hearts. Why? Who?  Who could do such a thing – so callous and deliberate? Her... Read more »

A Chicago "House of Horrors" revealed; let's do better!

I just read a deeply disturbing story about a “house of horrors” in Schiller Park where homeless women were lured, hooked on drugs, beaten, starved, handcuffed, locked in rooms and forced to prostitute. –In a press conference, State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez referred to the operation as a “sex trafficking house of horrors” and said the half... Read more »

Made it to church today, reminded of a very important lesson

Well, if anyone was wondering, we went to  church today (yesterday) as a family, although it was cold and no one really felt like going, we went. The message was perfect for the way I was feeling. Pastor Dan talked about people being so busy and being more preoccupied with Facebook and those so-called “friends”... Read more »