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Blackhawks win - Andrus slayings

I know that this morning my family and friends, as well as the entire city, are celebrating the Chicago Blackhawks win in triple overtime last night,  and understandably so. It’s a really big deal for the players and their fans. When I saw the front page of the Chicago Tribune this morning, while many others... Read more »

Breaking free from our prisons

There are heartaches and troubles all around the world today. No one is exempt from pain. You see the rich and famous, and think, they have perfect lives. But, I trust they are in their own personal prisons. My family and I have had more than a few bumps.  But, we are no better off... Read more »


Today is Jan. 5, five days into a new year with new promise, new direction, new plans, but very little sun making it hard to get up, out and even on that new road leading me into this new year! This morning when I woke up the sky was the perfect shade of blue and... Read more »