The Big Apple with my Big Girl

I'm so excited to get on my way with my oldest girl to New York!

I am taking her for Spring Break as an early high school graduation gift.

Not only am I excited to spend this time with her, but I'm excited to watch as she experiences the city that she says she wants to one day live in and work in as a professional actress.

She is 18. She is about to go off and do her thing. We could not be more proud of her. She has worked so hard and done so well for herself. She deserves all her dreams to come true. I'm lucky to have a first row seat.

Eighteen years ago it felt like I'd be hold up in a messy house with stinky diapers and a screaming baby forever.

But today as we prepare to go off to celebrate her achievements, I feel like 18 years was just not enough!

True, she will go off to college not too far from home first, and then, who really knows where she will end up.

But in preparing for her to leave her bedroom down the hall I wonder ...

I wonder, have I taught her all she needs to know? Have I prepared her for the scary stuff? Do I have enough time to go over a few more things? Oh, what have I missed?!

If she does end up in New York, New York doesn't know how lucky it is. And if she does one day call the city her home, it had better treat her well.

If not, she can always come back to her bedroom down the hall.

I'd love to hear from other moms preparing for their children to leave home for the first time. How do you really know if they are ready? How are you preparing them to live independently whether at college or in a new city?

Please let me know you stopped by, share your thoughts with me and enter your email so we can stay connected!

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    The thought never goes away.... Have I taught them all they need to know. Could I have done more, I should have done more! Are they brushing their teeth? Are they eating well? Did they remember to clean their sheets? But truth is, they are fine. They will be fine! They will find their own way. Yes there will be challenges and mistakes but what a journey! And yes, they do call/visit home...enjoy every second! <3

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    After my oldest, Brian, graduated college, he took a job with Toyota. His first year was spent at their North American headquarters in Los Angeles. His dad and I took him to the airport, and with briefcase in one hand and a first-class ticket to LA in the other, he hugged us goodbye and we watched our baby literally fly out of the nest and into the big, bad world. And, like your baby will do, he took it by storm, made the most of this scary and exciting step into adulthood, all because of the foundation we laid for him. Good for you and Tony that you've done the same for your girls. The reward of a job well done! And, they do still come home to sleep in their childhood room, and you will always be her mommy :)

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    The same thoughts go through my mind as well. And yet in having talk after talk with my daughter she looks me in the eyes and says, "Mom, You and Dad have taught me well". At this point I will have to accept that, and conclude that she too will make her own experiences good and bad and learn along the way in her own way

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