Why does she hate me?!

So this morning I did something different with some really great girlfriends who had all the right intentions. I took a 45-minute weight lifting class with them at a Lifetime Fitness health club,  led by  a complete psychopath who I think hates me!

First off, she yelled a lot! She made me hurt all over and she was a liar. She would command "ten more" of what ever silly strengthening weighted exercise we were dumb enough to follow her on, and guess what? it would be 20 more! Lying liar!

The instructor, this woman with obvious strength and stamina with arms bigger than my, well my, my, oh I don't know she just had big strong arms.

I don't normally do weights. I'm a cardio girl. I love doing my own cardio on a machine or walking all by myself without a wicked scary woman screaming at me!

The instructor clearly does weights often and with some sick sort of joy.

There was a point where she yelled ever so loud, "ten more" something-or-others with the "heavy weights" and I literally looked at her from way in the back row with my so-called great friends whose big idea it was to go to this lunatic's class and I said "no" and this woman/Drill Sargent/ crazy person/meanie heard and saw me say "no" and you know what? Looking right at me, she hollered into her little microphone headset thingy  "YES!"

I shuttered with great fear and I did ten more something-or-others while my muscles quivered and moaned and my breathing grew heavy and weighted.

I'm home in my bed now.......

I think I must stop writing now as my fingers are weak and tired.

Until next time......Love each other!



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