Sunday church or Sunday chill?

I am so torn right now. This feeling has been going on for some time now.

I consider myself a good loving Christian and I love God and I thank him for all my blessings.

But, lately I have not been wanting to go to church on Sunday mornings.

So here it is Saturday night and I am relaxing and thinking whether I force myself and my family to wake up and go to church tomorrow.

It is Sunday, it is cold, it is .....I could probably come up with so many reasons, not excuses, but reasons to stay home in the morning and sip my coffee.....

And my pastor, whom I really do love and respect, would not like to hear that.

It is not often my whole family can just lounge around the house and not one of has to run out of the house early for something. This literally only happens on Sundays.

Like take today even, Saturday morning, Abby had dance, Emily had theater, my husband and I had to go to a parent meeting, and then the day took off after all of those early commitments, busy with running errands ... just so much to do.

And look at our week, girls have school, Tony has work, up and early everyone, I have work, but I can't complain, so I won't, I have a really great, flexible gig. But they all are so hurried all the time! Every day! My kids technically "work" harder than I do! They need a day off.

I'd like a leisure morning with my unit all in tact. I'd like my girls and Tony to be able to relax and do nothing. They really deserve that! I know God thinks so too..Right?

But I know there are so many faithful good Christians who are just as busy, if not more so than we are, who will be there at church tomorrow morning.

So tomorrow, is another Sunday, and tonight a Saturday night, we are all home and warm, and I am thinking I don't want to get everyone up and out early and go to church. I want to be lazy with my family, my dogs. Oh man, Pastor Dan would be so mad at me!

Anyone out there deal with this?

HELP! Help take away my guilt!

Please  read, like, share, and until next time love each other!



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    I have struggled for several years now. Mainly, because my boys are adults so I don't feel the pressure to go like I used to....although, as I type that, I don't know I ever felt pressure, it was just what we did every week. Now, right or wrong, I have my step-daughter but leave it up to her dad to do the "heavy lifting" when it comes to religious upbringing. My heart just hasn't been in it for a few reasons, but the Catholic guilt eats at me! And when I do go, I enjoy it and get so much out of it! Not sure if I helped your guilty conscious or not, but rest assured you are not alone :)

  • And the verdict......we went to Church. And I am glad we did! I always feel more spiritually healthy when we go, and I know Amanda does too, so I have to be the leader (although I was unnecessarily irate at everybody for running late, even though I didn't help with taking the dogs out.....hopefully I'll earn forgiveness).

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