Oh man it's COLD!

Ok so not a very creative  post, but this is meant to be a Chicago-centric blog, so how do I live in Chicago and write for this ChicagoNow and not address the frigid, single digit, sometimes, negative digit temperatures we are being beaten up by this week?

And THIS is all I can think about:

Please, if we can, if the opportunity presents itself, help someone who is cold tonight and in the nights to come. If you see a homeless person, if you know of someone who needs a few bucks to put the heat back on, who may be going without warm coats for their children, someone who could use a warm heart just to listen, warm their world just a little - if you can.

Remember that New York police officer who was caught on video giving a homeless man a new pair of boots. But did you also hear a few days later someone came out and said that the man was not actually homeless, but would sit on the streets purposely without shoes so he could be a more successful pan-handler?

Ok that likely makes some not want to put themselves out there to help a fellow human being on the down and out.

But please don't become jaded.

I gave money to a woman and her baby in a homeless shelter on Christmas, they needed it.

My friend Norine, said she often gives her left overs to homeless people she sees on the street, they need it.

My friend Bill, at Halloween time handed out candy to homeless guys on the street, they loved it!

There are times when our goodness will be taken advantage of, but there are other times when our goodness can change someone's life. There will be times when our goodness can soften someone's heart, encourage them to have faith and hope in humanity and in themselves. Our goodness can help a stranger turn his life around and find new meaning in his own life.

So do not be afraid to do kind things for strangers. Do not become jaded. We never know when we will change someone's life for the good. I'll bet even that man whom the police officer bought the boots for, even had a change of heart in what he was doing. And now he is hopefully living a more honest existence.

So please keep warm and until next time, love each other

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